Download important combinations,b.v. Full text of ” Important Combinations (Part 1) BV Raman ” . 4 THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Lord of 1, Lords of 5 and 9 and Lords . BV Raman Series THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS *- B.V. Raman THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Bangalore Venkata.

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important combinations,b.v.

He will be compelled to in squalid and unhealthy houses. When the 10th lord is in Dusthanas he will lose his vitality and is therefore said to confer on the native just those qualities which render him insignificant in the eyes of the public. This rsman one of the several Akriti Yogas dealt with by the great Varahamihira. Poverty is the hot combinaions of crime and vice and the imperious sensations of hunger and thirst drive him to dis- graceful acts.

Thus Jupiter has given rise to two yogas. The same result can be judged if the lagna and importqnt lord have acquired a large number of dry vargas or divisions such as Rasi, Hora, etc. One born in this yoga may become a member of Municipality and engineer or if the yoga is really powerful, a mayor.

If, say, three factors are necessary to make up a certain yoga, the presence b even one or two cannot but suggest that the yoga does operate, may be feeble.

It is of course somewhat difficult to conceive of a planet occupying a particular house identical with a friendly Navamsa since two sets of combinations are given. It will lack the requisite power of resistance so that the native falls an easy prey to disease.

But it seems to have capacity enough to add financial stability. I would give here two typical horoscopes illustra- tive of the different variations in Gajakesari.


Prom Chandra Saturn is a yogakaraka, The results of the yoga may find expression m a large measure m Sani Dasa particularly in Sukru Bhukthi. A pureh beneficial Vasumathi Yoga cannot occur in a much as, in very rare instances all the fou ay as can be occu oon or ercury cannot make the person possess appearance.

Ayatnadhanalabha Yoga — to Amala Yoga 14 Parvata Yoga Sup- pose Lagna is Kanya lmportant the lord is in Makara Navamsa. The lagna must be in Vaiseshikamsa and the strong 2nd lord should be associated with the fifth lord. In other words, while both Hamsa and Malavya are Raja Yogas, the former makes one more idealistic, spiritual, broad-minded and selfless cobminations the latter indi- cates love of pleasure, and a predominantly materialistic outlook of life.

In later life renunciation and austerity. The benefics or benefic lords are I lord of Lagna, rmaan lords of the 5th and 9th, and 3 lords of kendras or quadrants, when they are natural malefics. The Yoga is said to become defunct if a benefic aspects the ascendant lord. Rahu un Saturn Venus Navamsa.

V an chanacb orabh eetb i If no benefic is present, then Amala is not caused. He was universally beloved and respected. Kushtaroga Yogas — Lagna Combibations at a.

Fertile brains find countless raan to cheat their associates. Take the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio. There will be thirty-one varieties of Sunapha, and an equal number of Anapha combinations and combinatioons are something like varieties of Dhurdhura. Human life falls under two grand divisions— Yogas and Arishtas, or fortunes and misfortunes. In all these cases, apart from how a yoga is defined, the disposition of the karaka should receive prime consideration.

All the planets must occupy exclusively movable signs, or exclusively fixed signs or exclusively common signs to give rise to these three yogas.


Full text of ” Important Combinations ( Part 1) BV Raman “

On the Mahabhagya Yoga 55 contrary. When Pisces is Lagna, Mars owns the 2nd and 9th houses while he owns the 1 st and 8th when Aries is Lagna. Thus we require the following details for purposes of interpreting yogas. Combiantions poor man leads a wretched life. Therefore, to meet such different tastes and angles presents difficult problems of authorship, especially that a book dealing with the practical aspect of astrology should not merely aim at an uncritical exposition of the subject-matter.

Amala is prominently marked by the presence of Venus and Mercury in the 19th from Lagna and Jupiter in the 10th from the Moon. He is in Pisces; lord of this sign, viz.

Being the head of millions of Hindus, several Rajas and Maharajas used to prostrate before his feet.

This is a powerful Sunapha Yoga capable of giving rise to much wealth. Mosala Yoga 9 9 eaman Obviously quite the reverse holds good in case of papavesi. Of the seems to be the least the fruits of his labours 9 0 clue usthanas can c ow the above yogas has ascribed very quite the contrary have been the sara and Lomasa do not seem ur the conception that the sting arising from an evil lordship can disappear entirely as a result of the lord occupying another Dusthana.

300 important combinations,b.v. raman.pdf

In such a case the son only brings invisible luck to the father. The 3rd house and the 3rd lord have governance over brothers. From Chandra Saturn is a yogakaraka.