I bought a Sodick wire EDM and installed is what happend: Computer starts up, and power buttons works i saw the pomp. We offer a huge range of Sodick & CNC repair services. GET IN CAN YOU REPLACE MY MONITOR ON MY EX 21 A SODICK MACHINE? YES, we. evening all,a couple of years back I got a a with mark 21 controller. well the controller is now toast and I was lucky to get a mark

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But like all things sodick Made the electric connection back as it was, but still not good. That is why I want to keep the costs at a minimum. The machine came with a transformer for various voltage.

Are the four big red switches at the bottom of the cabinet all on?

Sodick A don’t power up

The machine faults out with Sodifk at no predictable time. It seems you need BIOS specific sys disks. I have no sldick how to copy them. Our aim is to find and implement a cost effective solutions for your system. For those who are interested; the big search goes on, and I got this far: Sodicks are not an easy fix, that’s for sure! Specialisation in servo amplifier testing and repair used throughout the EDM industry examples given below: As a result an amazing team at one of the companies was able to sell use BIOS specific software with a week turn round.


You a30 have an encoder that is going out so it is worth swapping them around since you will have the covers off already. Any progress or solution on this? By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to xodick otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.

Sodick as a starter machine Hi Kees: Get in touch and one of our expert engineers will be at hand to assist you.

Servo Ampliifiers Specialisation in servo amplifier testing and repair used throughout the EDM industry examples given below: Results 1 to 10 of Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Very pleased with a comprehensive service which took place and everything was checked with some impartial advice given. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.

I also leveled the machine and filled the tank with water. Follow us on All times are GMT Called up tech support from the Sodick web page.

PCB repairs our trained technicians will carry out sophisticated diagnostic and repair to identify the defective components on the PCB during this process we will also replace time critical components this significantly minimises the chance ….

A feedback wire from an encoder maybe?


Sodick Wire EDM

I replaced the power source with a new, bit more powerfull one. Just a 25 cents electronic component kept the hole machine to an hold I have an external HP floppy drive, and have just read my old mark21 disks ok.

This is what happend: I’m not too sure the floppy drive in my machine even works anymore, I haven’t tried it in years. Please get in touch for a free no obligation quotation. He can be contacted through EDM Network. But now the computer still starts, but no response from the power-button. We aim to minimise downtime and get you back up and running, No nasty expensive surprises.

We provide advanced repair services at low costs

Computer starts up, and power buttons works also. Did you by chance turn off the pumps by flipping the pump switch on the tank by accident -might be, there are some tiny switches not sure what those are doing. Other Machining Processes February 3, Posted via Mobile Device. I dont have any schematics to send but i usually check at the connection at the motor and trace it back best i can.

Few minutes on hold they answered. If so, which one?

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