Addis Zemen (“New Era” in English) is an Ethiopian Amharic newspaper, published by the federal government. History and profile[edit]. The paper was launched. Thu, 24 May GMT addis admas amharic newspaper pdf – Ethiopia says British museum must permanently return its artifacts Kumerra Gemechu. addis admas amharic version · addis zemen newspaper Addis Zemen ( Amharic “New Era”; also known as Addis Abreham) is a town in northern-central Ethiopia. Located in the Debub Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, on the.

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Can I make a topic hidden or private? For long time it used the 70 year old attack dog, the sole Amharic daily, Addis Zemen paoer demonize the prays. In fact, most did not addis admas amharic news paper have formal legal registration except the commitment made in the charter to freedom of speech and hence abolishment of the censorship.

Qmharic Selam Printing Another silent character of the press in the past was the fact that it was led by some landmark events or crisis.

This has gradually affected the financial strength of the publishers, which eventually led qddis the demise of a number of newspapers, industry players say. Learn more about the different options. In his 26 years working in the media, Dawit has seen it all. Our suggestion engine uses more signals but entering a few keywords here will rapidly give you great addis admas amharic news paper to curate.

Ministry of Justice MOJ has came up with freshly minted charges on previous editions of the weekly, some as far back as a year. In the coming years, this strong growth was continued in the newspapers aspect and on average advis to 60 newspaper publications continued to animate the streets Addis until the addis admas amharic news paper of the new millennium.

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Interestingly enough, in the same period between andgrowth addis admas amharic news paper magazine publications took a much slower pace with only handful of them circulating in the market. When you go through some of the content published in such papers at the time it would be very difficult to come across stories which meets the basic standards of journalism.

This has gone up many folds over the years, he says, and is a serious deterrent to the growth of the print industry and accessibility of newspapers. The contract sent to each organization to sign was unfair to the media outlets in such way that it retains the right to refuse print if it felt that the content will bring addis admas amharic news paper liability. Some broke the news of his death as addis admas amharic news paper as July Formal organization like proper payroll, employment contract, plans and budget, organizational hierarchies were conspicuously absent from most of these media entities.

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The page you are trying to amharc belongs to a suspended account. The following years, Ethiopia saw the highest number of overall publication,where the 82 were newspapers and 37 magazines publications.

Hence, Eyeta became the first independent newspaper to hit newsstands in Addis Ababa way ahead of the enactment press law. They were edited by younger educated professionals.

Once such strongly opinionated reporting reached the readership, he says, it started to shape the taste of the audience considerably. In fact, even the tax structure treats print raw materials quite harshly, mostly as luxury goods. nesw

Another silent character of the press in the past was the fact that it was led by some landmark events or crisis. Why should I share my scoops? Both have failed owing to the turbulent media environment in run up to the election, Dawit told The Reporter.

What defines nsws engagement between the press and addis admas amharic news paper at that time was a serious disagreement and difference of opinion regarding the overall direction of the country.

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The press played an instrumental role in aiding the opposition garner support and win addis admas amharic news paper highest parliamentary seats in Ethiopian opposition history in The situation appears to be much dire as far as the independent media is concerned, he noted.

Learn how to connect your accounts. Why should I brand my topic? Dawit Taye, currently addis admas amharic news paper as senior editor at Reporter Amharicis someone who has wealth of experience in the print media industry. Sharing your scoops to your social media accounts is a must to distribute your curated content.

According to data from authorities, in the period expanding from to a total number 1, newspapers and magazine have seen the light of day. While the officials never contested the truthfulness of the stories, Addis Zemen decided to step up the heat on Feteh. This site uses cookies for analytics and personalized content. The streets of the capital Addis Ababa were soon flooded with newspapers of all genres: Studies estimate that the current per capita consumption of newspaper in Ethiopia is languishing amharlc a disappointing 4.


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In spite of limited circulation and print quality, Berhanena Selam represented the first organized press publication in Ethiopia entertaining pertinent progressive domestic issues. Meanwhile, the external factors such as government pressure and print cost have also taken their toll on the sector, nees to industry players. This trend, however, continued in the coming years but at much accelerated pace neas growth addis admas amharic news paper newspapers in particular started to plummet to date.

I don’t have a Facebook addis admas amharic news paper a Twitter account. It urged the GCAO to disclose information concerning the issue. While the biweekly Reporter Amharic stands as the largest circulating followed by another Amharic paper, Addis Admaspumping 11, and 7, copies, respectively in the market, Fortune an English weekly with business orientation comes in third with 7, copies barely scratching the potential market.

With the latest action, the regime seems to hit the last nail on the coffin of truly independent papers in the country.

The Fading Press – Ethiosports

Though a judge decided to block the distribution and confiscate the 30, copies, charges had been dropped on that issue. Nevertheless, the highly polarized media in the wake of the newly found press freedom has far deeper consequence than anticipated, Dawit argues. So it is only natural for Feteh or any other media establishment to get to the bottom of the story.

In a recent interview he told the Amharic weekly Addis Admas that he has 35 charges against him, the status of which he is not sure about. Like all other charges preceding the imprisonment of journalists the government has been remarkably predictable in its action. Addis admas amharic news paper redirecting your social addmas traffic to your website, Scoop.