Ajax By Sophocles Written B.C.E. Translated by R. C. Trevelyan. Dramatis Personae ATHENA ODYSSEUS AJAX CHORUS OF SALAMINIANS TECMESSA . Complete summary of Sophocles’ Ajax. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ajax. Sophocles turns tradition inside out, portraying Aias’ suicide not as a disgrace This edition of Aias translates precisely that transformation of the hero from the.

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I want to see my son, now! Even the strongest, the toughest must yield to those who hold command. Menelaus Then let me say just this one thing: In Lloyd-Jones b, It was translated by Charles Connaghan, and directed by Sarah Benson.

They skphocles as selfless as Ajax was selfish. Hated the sight of him!

Sophocles (c–c BC) – Ajax: Translated by George Theodoridis

Teucer What bitter, bitter Fate! I think little of him.

But, until that time, let the gentle breezes nurture your young spirit, let it feed you and fill your mother here with joy. That would delight the Atreus brothers! Sophicles you, my friends, honour my wishes also, just as she has and tell Teucer, my brother, when he comes back, to look after all my affairs and to be loyal to you.


The butcher is sopholces sharp and ready! Sophocles turns tradition inside out, portraying Aias’ suicide not as a disgrace but as heroism. It was decided by lot.

Do you go on a murderous rampage? Chorus Ah, Lord Odysseus! The Tragedies of Sophocles, a new translation. In Shakespeare’s time, while there was a recognition of mental illness King Lear suffers from a Major Depressive Disorder while Hamlet shows elements of psychosis, despite the fact that he is faking it.

For other uses, see Ajax disambiguation. The Complete Greek Tragedies ser.


A marvel truly, if, though slain, thou livest. Be certain of this, Agamemnon: Teucer So much for gratitude to the dead! The one who never trembles with fear in battle! And you, springs and rivers here, in Troy!

Burian Peter, and Alan Shapiro, eds. Enter Messenger Messenger Friends, firstly, I want to announce the fact that Teucer has just come back from the cliffs of Mysia and as soon as he arrived the whole of the Greek army set out in one body, against him.

His death gives sorrow to me and joy to them. Nor was there flexibility – at least not in Aias’ thinking nor, apparently in the thinking of despotic Menelaos or arrogant Agamemnon. The rest sophoclfs up to you, Zeus.


Your suffering gives them courage. David Grene and Richmond Lattimore, Tecmessa Oh, my dear friends, save me from what Fate has in store for me!

In Raeburnxii-xxxiv. I was expecting something more of an epic aiws of war and destruction, but I got something a little different.

Aias – Sophocles – Oxford University Press

Odysseus Yes, a man AND an enemy! The law is clear on this: Endless years behind her! I’m not sure why this is- maybe the Greek were super-sqeamish about violence in plays.

Chorus Still showing your arrogance with your big words! The vote, according sophoclew Aias, was “fixed” – and the armor was turned over to Odysseus instead of Aias. Afraid to face a madman? That whole herd of animals.