In this groundbreaking, interdisciplinary study Anne Anlin Cheng argues that we The Melancholy of Race proposes that racial identification is itself already a. The Melancholy of Race has 94 ratings and 4 reviews. Ayanna said: One of the best books I’ve ever read. Anne Anlin Cheng is a gifted writer and academic. Share to: The melancholy of race: psychoanalysis, assimilation and hidden grief / Anne Anlin Cheng. View the summary of this work. Bookmark.

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Deftly using psychoanalytic theory to expose the roots of racial identity, Cheng also demonstrates, through her compelling readings, the inextricability of politics and desire.

The Melancholy of Race – Paperback – Anne Anlin Cheng – Oxford University Press

This tendency is not hard to understand since dehumanization has long been the tool of discrimination. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

In the last part of the chapter, Cheng first mentions the usually antithetical attitude toward theory and politics when discussing the issue of race, and proposes that the methodology regarding race should be re-conceptualized. Ash rated it it was amazing Dec 10, If measured against the work of Anne Anlin Cheng, Asian-American literature is not only alive and thriving, but in the midst of a renaissance. Log In Sign Up. Instead of evaluating mimicry as a negative symptom of colonization i.

References to this book Professing Performance: In order to justify the shift in focus from African Americans to Asian Americans, Cheng makes a transition from depicting the history and response of African Americans toward the inhumanity and inequality of slavery to historicizing the background and treatment of the Asian immigrants to America.

Through Morrison’s Invisible ManCheng clarifies that the sense of racial invisibility, rather than being a one-way action, in effect, exists mutually between the dominant and the minority. Cheng wants us to pause on the important psychoanalytic distinction between grievance and grief and in so doing allow for the rethinking or retheorizing of the terms through which race is represented as well as experienced. Using psychoanalytic theories on mourning and melancholia as inroads into her subject, Cheng offers a closely observed and carefully reasoned account of the minority experience as expressed in works of art by, and about, Asian-Americans and African-Americans.


Also, as someone who has a complex relationship with psychoanalysisCheng does a marvelous job at negotiating the generative elements of psychoanalysis like melancholia and anxiety while critiquing Freud and Lacan.

About Anne Anlin Cheng. Want to Read saving….

The Melancholy of Race: Psychoanalysis, Assimilation, and Hidden Grief by Anne Anlin Cheng

Krystal Yang rated it it was ok Oct 02, Cheng’s investigation of the social and psychological injuries of racism is imaginative and uncompromising. However, if the loss can be substituted by other objects, one is in the state of mourningwhich is in a healthy state of recovery. The Melancholy of Race proposes that racial identification is itself already a melancholic act–a social category that is imaginatively supported through a dynamic of loss and compensation, by which the racial other is at once rejected and retained.

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The Melancholy of Race: Psychoanalysis, Assimilation, and Hidden Grief

Cheng only uses it to her benefit a One of the best books I’ve ever read. Christina Sin rated it liked it Jan 09, Does segregation of children in public schools solely on the basis of race, even though the physical facilities and other “tangible” factors may be equal, deprive the children of the minority group of equal educational opportunities? The black-white dyad dominates American talk on race domestically; when attention turns international, Asians versus whites dominate:.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cheng first traces the history of racism and its impact on the constitution of American identity, and then delineates the formation of racial melancholy on the basis of Freud’s theory.

We must accept paradoxes as precondition for social relations, then think about the task of responding, ethically, to racial injustice without hatred or competition She received her B. Skip to main content. Account Options Sign in.

In other words, Cheng helps reiterate what many race theorists including Spivak know to be illusory about racial categories while turning attention from causes of subjection e.


Ari Weinberg rated it it was amazing Apr 15, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Other editions – View all The Melancholy of Race: One might criticize Cheng for narrowing her discussion to two race categories—Asian American and African American—even while she mentions Native American and Latino as sidebars, but I see her choice as “strategic.

That she does so in a volume that offers her readers the genuine jolt of intellectual surprise testifies at once to the originality of her insights and to our need for the vital and revitalizing intelligence with which she makes possible new ways of questioning the terms through which we pose, and thereby reimpose, the so-called question of race.

Christopher Tirri rated it did not like it Nov 07, Alexandra rated it liked it Sep 03, Based on this concept, Cheng identifies the entangled feeling of love and hate and inferiority complex demonstrated in Morrison’s The Bluest Eye so as to talk about the hidden discomfort of the racial others under the governance of the white ideal and their origin.

Helen rated it it was amazing Aug 11, To ask other readers questions about The Melancholy of Raceplease sign up. Her investigations reveal the common interests that social, legal, and literary histories of race have always shared with psychoanalysis, and situates Asian-American and African-American identities in relation to one another within the larger process of American racialization.

Ornamentalism Anne Anlin Cheng. Also, I really appreciated how Cheng positions Blackness as the end spectrum of the horrors of racism, although her case studies primarily are focused on Asian-Americans, Cheng uses radical Black thought to theorize how the effects of the extreme affect all minoritarian subjects in the end. If recent popular notions of hybridity and multiplicity e.