ASME B31G (Revision of ASME B31G). Manual for. Determining the. Remaining Strength of. Corroded Pipelines Supplement to ASME B31 Code for. 2 Feb Integration with NDT tools. ▫ 3D surface measurements. ▫ UT. ▫ What’s next? ▫ Pit gage data entry interface. ▫ ASME B31G (), DNV RP-F Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipelines. Houston Section. April 10, 4. Introduction. • Pipeline Design. • ASME B31G. • Limits for B31G. • Misc.

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Evaluations shall be carried out consistent with the procedure described in the following steps: The following guideline is suggested with reference to Fig. It asme b31g 2012 not a property specified asmee a material grade or finished product standard.

The methods and criteria provided herein do not address circumferential failure due to high longitudinal tensile stresses. Flenner, Flenner Engineering Services J. Lesser factors of safety may be justified in asme b31g 2012 circumstances, e. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

asme b31g 2012 Bb31g asme b31g 2012 a grid pattern, the analysis must be repeated along each meridian to establish the governing solution. The Committee welcomes proposals for revisions to this Standard. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Metal-loss corrosion anomalies indicated by inline inspection may be evaluated by a Level 1 or Level 2 evaluation method.

ASME B31G – Free Download PDF

Define an acceptable safety factor, SF. Methods accounting for uncertainty in indirectly sized flaws include increasing the flaw dimension in order to account for detection tool error, or statistical analysis of the probable flaw sizes or risk of failure.

Depth, d, mm 8. Errata to codes and standards may asme b31g 2012 posted on the ASME Web site under the Committee Pages to provide corrections to incorrectly published items, or to correct typographical or grammatical errors in codes and standards. Statistical representations of material properties may be used asme b31g 2012 Levels 1, 2, or 3 for purpose of establishing a probability of failure; however, the details of such analyses are outside the scope of this document.


A Level 1 evaluation is also suitable for use in prioritizing metal-loss anomalies identified by inline inspection. The B13g Asme b31g 2012 Method is expressed as follows: Page Location Change 2 1. Breen, Becht Engineering Co.

Information as to whether or not technical inquiries are issued to this h31g or standard is shown on the copyright page.

Such errata shall be used on the date posted. The user should consider referring to applicable sources as necessary in order to best implement a given method. Also, the combination of hoop stress due asme b31g 2012 internal pressure and longitudinal compression could interact to lower the failure pressure in the metal loss area. 202 of third-party software should also demonstrate that adequate checks or warnings are produced when parameters fall outside ranges that will ensure correct results.

Phrase the question as a request for an interpretation of a specific requirement suitable for general understanding and use, not as a request for an approval of a proprietary design or situation. It is intended that a Level 3 n31g be conducted by a ase specialist having appropriate expertise in the subject of fitness-for-service assessment. ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of these interpretations when or if additional information is available which the inquirer believes might affect asme b31g 2012 interpretation.

Consideration should be given to minimum thresholds b31v metal loss for reliable detection and sizing, minimum thresholds for reporting, and the expected mode of coating failure e.

Changes given below are identified on the pages by asme b31g 2012 margin note, 12placed next to the asme b31g 2012 area. In the case where an interpretation asme b31g 2012 corrected by errata, the original interpretation number with the suffix E is used.

They provide a ready reference of maximum corrosion lengths for a range of pipe sizes and depths of corrosion. Upon asme b31g 2012, the B31 Standards Committee will render an interpretation of any requirement of the Standard.


202 is intended that a Level 0 evaluation be conducted bb31g the field without the need for performing detailed calculations. Therefore, the tables may show that a asme b31g 2012 corroded area is unsuitable for the current 2.

Determine applicable pipe material properties from appropriate records. The Standards Committee that approved the Manual was balanced to assure that ase from competent and concerned interests have had an opportunity to participate.

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Interacting asme b31g 2012 should be evaluated as a single flaw combined from all interacting flaws. Rinaca, Dominion Resources, Inc. Linear interpolation of b31h values is allowed between listed temperatures.

Measure the maximum depth of the corroded area, d, and longitudinal extent of asme b31g 2012 corroded area, L, as shown in Fig. Sperko, Sperko Engineering Services, Inc.

Subsequently, an effort was undertaken to update the B31G document to recognize certain other corrosion evaluation methods that have proven sound g31g that have seen successful use in the pipeline industry.

Owing to its iterative nature, it is a practical necessity to use a computer program or other algorithmic approach e. Users of a code or standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such asme b31g 2012 rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, is b31gg their own responsibility.

ASME B31G-2012

Incorporation of these other methods into a recognized Code document provides the pipeline operator or other user with a formalized framework within which to use such methodologies, as well as a wider range of codified technical options with which to make an evaluation.

September 29, File: Asme b31g 2012 aske an option available to automatically receive an e-mail notification when errata are posted to a particular code or standard. It is noted that Sflow was asme b31g 2012 as 1.