Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. EROL SEVER ASUR TARİHİ. Ayşe Tuğçe Serbetci. Uploaded by. Ayşe Tuğçe Serbetci. This document is currently being converted. Please check back in a few . Yine Samsat-Şehremuz Tepe’deki tarihi bulgulardan M.ö. 7. M.Ö. 9OOO yılları arasında yöre Asur etkisinde kalmakla birlikte, Asurlular tam olarak egemen.

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Or if it can, was it a true belief in the first place??

Mersin’de Görmeniz Gereken 10 Antik Yer

I can’t thank you enough for bringing back all those wonderfull memories back. As for the last day coming: Your messages why two of them? My parents are from Mardin and I lived there only a few years during my early chidhood. Becase they know what is good. I might even send you some.

It is a very joy to see these photos now showing part of our roots. From asurrlular city one looks South over the Syria n plain. It has been a wonderful vision this tour around the ancient land of my grandfathers, I was in Istambul with my wife in 99 ready to travel to Mardin to visit it but there was an earthquake so it was not possible. So many thanks then for this magnificent visit that you give us like a present, because tariih we were kids we have listening so many times about this place Dr.


This is your Turkey it is build on the blood of our grandfather and the last day is comming. Bora Tari Dec Much of the city clings to the rise of the rock, though it seems to be spreading into the surrounding hills also.

Do they have any kind of hotel aaurlular somewhere to sleep?

Under the Romans it was called Marida, a fortress was built on the hill overlooking the city. Emre Islamoglu Apr Your pictures very nice. Mardin Sultan Isa Medresesi I must go and forget all my lovely girls Mardin Kasim Pasha Medresesi And next time you write, no “dear Dick” please. Their house had all of the old characters which left a great impression on me even though I was too young to appreciate such antiquity.

Still though, I feel lucky to have experienced such lifestyle early on which I’m sure contributed to my current open mindedness to other cultures. Nonetheless, the view from the mosques and hotels in town over the plain to syria is magnificient, espeically in spring when everything is green!

Francois, If I even feel like having my personal censor I’ll think of you.

:: Yağ Camii

There is a small but nice covered bazar and the town has a couple of fine mosques and a number of medreses or Koran Schools, most with fine stonework. The center has wonderful alleys, going up and down the slopes or remaining level, parallel to one of the main streets.


Mardin Sehidiye Medinresesi Dear Dick Osseman, I want to thank you for such a wonderful work!!! Hundreds of years BC Christians were building this city. Once I find the time to scan and edit them they will be shown here too. I only wish one were allowed to go up on the Kale or summit over the city.

I also have slides from an earlier visit of a walk to the monastery of Mar Hanania, 6 kilometers from the city, a Syrian Orthodox monastery now housing an orphanage.

In mei willen we ook naar Hasankeyf gaan, aan jouw foto’s te zien moet dit de moeite waard zijn! Too bad half of my stay in Mardin was spent on the base and not in the city.

Gaziantep Gezi Rehberi

I will go to this city but i have a question. Mardin Ulu Camii Among them were my grandparents. Midyat my hometown is a wonderful town in the Province of Mardin.