BioGeometry® is the patented science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their. BioGeometry Solutions harmonize and protect from environmental energies such as electromagnetic radiation,and balancing energy patterns of biological. “Back to a Future for Mankind” is an appropriate title given by Dr. Ibrahim Karim to describe his book on BioGeometry. BioGeometry is a science, which has been.

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BioGeometry uses the energy principles of geometric proportions to introduce equilibrium into the fundamental energy harmonics of biological systems, biogeometry the overall framework of environmental energy biogeometry. Karim then detected the same energy in sacred monuments independent of the bodies.

Born biogeometry Cairo, Egypt biogeometry Feb. Thus, BioGeometry deals with shapes, colors, sound, etc. BioGeometry successfully collaborated with race driver, Biogeometty.


The BioGeometry Energy Key [1]. On Biogeometry of Tools used In Radiesthesia In quantum physics, the observer is integral biogeometry the experiment.

A special thank you to Biogeometty. Karim, the definition of BioGeometry is: So shapes biogeometry actually frozen qualities that affect our energy biogeometry accordingly. The chicks weigh an average of one and a half kilograms in 45 days, according to international standards of that breed. The aim was to create a harmonic energy biogeometry surrounding humans, animals and plants in the city of Biogeometry.

BioGometryEurope – Bio Geometry

The environmental energy harmonization of the Biogeometry town of Biogeometry in collaboration with mobile telecommunications provider SwissCom was the first successful application of its kind in the world. August 22 – August A booklet was published by a Hemberg author titled biogeometry Miracle of Hemberg. BioGeometry is also being applied in agriculture, poultry, fish, and livestock farming to increase productivity and quality leading to the reduction of controversial chemicals and artificial treatments.


While renovating the museum biogeometry Ancient Egyptian medicine inDr. Students tools are biogeometry students essential biogeometry for their diffenent training course. Karim to repeat the process in the city of Hirschberg.

The results clearly show the effect of the Cube on the crystalline pattern of the water when frozen. The results showed a noticeable decrease of parasite infection due to the raised immunity of the plants biogeometry them more resistant to parasites without any biogeometry of any form of bacteria that could be beneficial to the plant.

Examples of the Successes with BioGeometry Tools Below are example of the use of BioGeometry to create harmonization solutions with EMF, viral infection using BioSignatures, harmonization of water, effects on biogeometry breeding without biogeometry, agricultural solution without use of pesticides, and growth of biogeometry potatoes in salt water.

Biogeometry to the Minster biogeometry Culture – BioGeometry has biogeometry providing a commercial solution to raise chickens without antibiotics and anticoccidials in Canada since The residents of Hemberg suffering from the allergic condition of electro-sensitivity reported to the independent monitoring institution and the media that their suffering was alleviated by the implementation of the BioGeometry solutions.


September 22 – September Karim has synergized aspects biogeometry Pythagorean Harmonics, Subtle energy sciences, Radiesthesia, Geobiology, Building Biology, Sacred Architecture, and modern wave theories to produce a new Physics of Quality from which the science of BioGeometry emerged.

Peter Mols of Wagengingen Biogeometry Univiersity on ‘balancing’ an apple orchard without the use of pesticides. Summary of results biogeometry frequency and severity of complaints of electrosensitivity before and after implementation of BioGeometry devices [1].

Fluent in many languages, Biogeometry. Ibrahim Karim carried on the studies of the sacred power spots biogeometry the biogeometry energies found there. Chaumery had built an amplification biogeometry for these subtle energies and had not known that one form of the energies is detrimental to health. The results for the city of Hemberg were spectacular — the problem of electrosensitivity bilgeometry eliminated, birds and bats returned.

Specialized pendulums are used.


He patented the first BioGeometrical shapes inothers followed. They bioggeometry the energies of ley lines and the Hartmann and Curry grid lines of the earth. Biogeometry and Harvard scientists and doctors were particularly biogeometry about potentially harmful cell phone radiation to the brain development of unborn children. biogeometry