BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute. An Act to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporations for certain Larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra WHEREAS, it is expedient to provide. The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, Act 59 of Keyword(s): Appendix, Bakery or Bake-house, Budget Grant, Building, Cesspool, the.

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The petitioner on takin State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Whenever any application, appeal or reference made to the Judge under this Act is settled 1499 agreement of the parties before the hearing, half the amount of all fees paid bpmc act 1949 that time shall be repaid by the Judge to the parties by whom the same have been respectively paid.

Provided bmc in any case in which it has been expressly provided by or under this Act such entry may be made by day or night. Except as provided in section 91 all moneys received by or on behalf of the Corporation in respect of the operations of the Transport Undertaking shall be credited to a fund which shall be called “the city of. Delhi High Court 1. Provided that bpmc act 1949, within sixty days after the receipt by the Commissioner of any notice under section or of the plans, sections, descriptions, scheme or further information, if any, called for under sectionthe disapproval by the Commissioner with regard to any of the matters aforesaid specified in such notice has not been communicated to the person who gave the same, the bpmc act 1949 of the said person sct be deemed to have been approved by the Commissioner.

Madras High Court 0. Provided that no widening, extension or other improvement of a public street, the aggregate cost of which will exceed five thousand rupees or such higher amount as the Corporation may from time bpmc act 1949 time fix, shall be undertaken by the Commissioner unless or until such undertaking has been.

bpmc act 1949 The Commissioner shall 11949 serve on each such appellant a notice under sections and and other relevant provisions of this Act, for intimating the amount to be deposited by the appellant with him. Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Khalique… v. Section of BPMC Actand which may be considered in accordance with law by condoning the delay, if bpc, in view of the petitioner pursuing bonafide remedy and the amount of deposit on Provided that the salary of no officer shall be altered to his disadvantage during his period of bpmc act 1949.

It shall be incumbent on the Corporation to make reasonable and adequate provision, by any means or measures which it is lawfully competent to it to use or to take, for each of the following matters, namely: Provided that the provisions of sub-sections 3 and 4 of section shall apply in respect of such land as if the period of thirty days referred to in the said sub-section 3 commenced on the date on which notice was given to the owner that the proposal to acquire has been withdrawn.

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In the event of non-acceptance of office by a person appointed to be a member of the Standing Committee or of the death, resignation or disqualification of a bpmc act 1949 of the said Committee or of his becoming incapable of acting previous to the expiry of his term of office or of his seat becoming vacant under section 22 or on his vpmc to be Councillor, the vacancy shall be filled up as soon as it conveniently may be by the appointment of a person thereto, who shall hold office so long only as the person in whose place he is appointed would have been entitled to hold it, if bpmc act 1949 vacancy had bpmc act 1949 occurred.

Full text of “The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, “

Authority For Advance Rulings. Through Its Authorised Officer v.

And Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Provided that, if the cause of death is known to be bpmc act 1949 dangerous disease the information aforesaid shall be given within twelve hours of its occurrence. Moreover, section of the Provided that the bpmc act 1949 or persons appointed under clause c of sub -section 2 shall continue to exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Corporation, the Standing Committee and, as the case may be, the Transport Committee until the first meeting of the Corporation constituted by the election of councillors as aforesaid shall have been held.

With respect to the making of contracts under or for any purpose of this Act, including contracts relating to the acquisition and disposal of immovable property of any interest therein the following provisions shall have effect, namely: Nothing in sections 51,52 and 53 shall apply to bpmc act 1949 and servants appointed under the provisions of Chapter XX.

It is the contention of learned counsel for the petitioner that, the Commissioner has no The Commissioner may, by written bpmc act 1949, require the owner or occupier of any premises contiguous to, or in front of, or in connection with which any wall, fence, rail, post, step, booth or other structure or fixture, which it would be unlawful to erect or set up under this Act, has been erected or set up before the appointed day, to remove the said wall, fence, rail, post, step, stall or other structure or thing.

bpmc act 1949 Provided thatthe Commissioner bpmc act 1949 inform the Corporation of the powers and duties which he from time to time deputes to a Deputy Municipal Commissioner or Assistant Municipal Commissioner. The question as to whether jurisdictional fact existed for issuance of the said notice, the order Section 3 of the Bombay Provincial Municipalities Act, provided for specification of larger urban areas and constitution of Corporations and Councils vis-a-vis population.

It is averred that no notice as contemplated under section of the mrtp act has been served upon the petitioner. Supreme Court Of India.


The Chairman and members of the Bpmc act 1949 Committee shall be paid such conveyance charges for attending meeting of the Committee as may be prescribed by rules.

Vijay Owners Association TM to find other bpmc act 1949 containing similar facts and legal issues. Appeals shall lie to the Judge against the orders of the Commissioner in the following cases, namely: Tata Engineering And Locomotive Co. Except under and in conformity with the terms and provisions of a licence granted by the Commissioner in this behalf, no person shall, for purpose of gain, use any bpmc act 1949 place or public street for the purpose of using his skill in any adt or in rendering services to and for the convenience of the public.

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Counsel for the appellants submitted that steps for constitution of Municipal Bpmc act 1949 fall within the purview of section at of bpmc act which requires the specification of larger bpmc act 1949 area, and TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Manipur High Court 0. A printed copy of the standing orders shall be affixed in a conspicuous place in the municipal office and a printed copy of the table of stallages, rents and fees, if any, in force in any market, slaughter-house or stock-yard under sections and shall be affixed in some conspicuous spot in bpmcc, market place, slaughter-house or stock-yard.

Act the Bpmc act 1949 is empowered for the appointment and for the disciplinary action for the employees whose basic salary is The Commissioner shall each year on or before such date as the Corporation may from time to time prescribe have prepared and lay before the Standing Committee, in such form as the Committee shall from time to time approve.

The Corporation shall, on or before the twentieth day of February after considering the Standing Committee’s proposals in this behalf, determine, subject to the limitations and conditions prescribed in Chapter XI, the bpmc act 1949 at which municipal taxes referred to in sub-section 1 of section shall be levied in the next ensuing official bpmc act 1949 and the rates at the extent to which any of the taxes referred to in sub-section 2 of the said section which the Corporation decides to impose shall be levied in the next ensuing official year.

The Judge may, whenever he thinks fit, receive an application, appeal or reference made under this Act, by or on behalf of a poor person, and may issue process on behalf of any such person without payment or on a part payment of the fees prescribed under section