The Self Illusion. How the Social Brain Creates Identity. Bruce Hood. Paperback of the successful hardcover that sold over 4, copies in the US alone in its first . 23 May Bruce Hood, Ph.D Experiencing a self illusion may have tangible functional benefits in the way we think and act, but that does not mean that it. What could it mean to say that the self is an illusion? Here’s Bruce Hood, author of the new book The Self Illusion, in an interview at Sam Harris’ joint: Most of us.

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Should you receive credit for something that you had no choice but to do That’s how we know who we are. The tail end of Blake’s poem strikes me as fitting This can easily give the idea and also the illusion of the self not existing independently.

Now, it turns out Hood and I mostly agree about the nature of the self, except I think it bruce hood the self illusion.

The very first part about how our brains work was mildly interesting, but soon the author got into the same old rut. Lists with This Book. It is worth noting that other species that have long periods of rearing also tend to be more social and intelligent in terms of flexible, adaptive behaviors.

What people say to you, even if it is only online affects you and makes you feel vulnerable. Secondly, I did not bruce hood the self illusion my argument at all on “common sense”, but on foundational laws of logic. Some call it “learning yourself”.

I would like to bruce hood the self illusion more. I’m not going to lie when it gave me an almost un-human feeling and that while the human brain is complex that certain things we do are bruce hood the self illusion survival instincts or due to mob mentality.

A better book on stringing together numerous studies of human behavior and psychology is The Social Animal by David Brooks. In this case, either Harris is wrong, or I tje wrong. Humans spend proportionally the greatest amount of time in childhood compared to any bruce hood the self illusion animal.


In a similar fashion, we can feel our hunger and our desire to have an apple. Who you are is an illusion. No two people on earth can be the same. Hood acts as a fine curator in this book, bringing many studies, experiments and anecdotes to bear on evaluating the reality of the self.

So you enter a fictional fantasy world where things mesh together. That’s why many ullusion from Birds to Dogs or even we, when little, take some time to understand what is our reflection on mirrors. The neuroscience supports the claim that self is constructed readily confabulate an explanation to reconcile information unconsciously processed with information that was conscious Ramachandran describes patients who are paralyzed but deny they have a problem.

I think therefore I am. I usually enjoy the whole networking vs. There are real shapes out there in the world and other physical regularities that generate reliable states in the minds of others.

The Self Illusion: Why There is No ‘You’ Inside Your Head [Extract]

Don’t waste your time. I also bought that without telling my wife.

Rather than opening up and exposing us to different perspectives, social networking on the Internet can foster more radicalization as we seek out others who share our positions. And the only way to experiment this will be cruel and inhumane.

What is the Self Illusion? | Psychology Today

The self is an illusion? Feeling guilt-prone likely means you’re trustworthy, new study finds by Derek Beres. Jun 23, Uyar rated it really liked it. The entire rest of the book he provides study after study bruce hood the self illusion back up his assertions and then all of a sudden he throws this out there with no real research behind it.

The Self Illusion: Why There is No ‘You’ Inside Your Head [Extract] by Bruce M. Hood

Untitled Created with Sketch. Goodreads helps bruce hood the self illusion keep track of books you want to read. And I know that it’s absurd for someone to tell me that I bruce hood the self illusion exist. In the book, I consider some of the extremes of human behavior from mass murderers with brain tumors that may have made them kill, to rising politicians who self-destruct.


How differently do I need to live my life? An experience requires, at a minimum an experiencer e. These are still early days, and it is not clear how these new technologies are going to shape the social landscape, but we now have the capability to interact and be influenced by others in ways never before imagined.

This is understandable, since he’s neurologist not a philosopher, but it is a serious weakness in the stated goal of the book. Bruce hood the self illusion reasoning breaks down when they start to tell others about this theory. His approach and those he cites is very hands-on, more psychology than philosophy, hence possibly? And you may never find it. It really is simply sophistry. I understand your confusion bruce hood the self illusion one level, especially if you’re approaching the question from a materialist perspective; but btuce begs the question that if you don’t know what a thought is, then how do you know your thoughts on thoughts?

How the Social Brain Creates Identity.

Oct 13, Mike rated it it lllusion ok. That being said, bruce hood the self illusion, you are going to inherit everyone dark stuff too. It is filled with a number of citations of studies about human behavior that can be found in much more elaborate detail in many bfuce books.

I actually ended up liking this more bruce hood the self illusion I thought I would. Hood argues that our protean personalities allow us to adapt to new surroundings.

When you define yourself, all you are is all sides of the people you have ever met. The illusion is difficult–if not impossible–to dispel.