29 May If you thought the internal combustion engine was on its way out, think again!. 30 Jan Lightweight, low-cost and generating low friction, FreeValve engine concept functions without camshafts and allows valves to open and close. 21 Nov This is a discussion on Koenigsegg’s camless engine within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category; The future is here gentlemen.

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Koenigsegg’s camless engine

The engine’s Swedish designer FreeValve claims that the 1. This is a discussion on Koenigsegg’s camless engine within Technical Stuffpart of the Under the Hood category; The future is here gentlemen!!! It can sense when there is a high caamless of NOx and SOx Sulfur oxide emission and change the timing to make the exhaust gas hotter or cooler.

Originally Posted by SS-Traveller. Select buying time period Just Researching Within 7 days 7 – 30 days After 30 days. A camless or free-valve piston engine is an engine that has poppet valves operated by means of electromagnetic, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuators instead of conventional cams.

According to FreeValve, the powerplant produces horsepower kilowatts and pound-feet Newton-meters of torque. Perhaps more important, the engine’s power improved by 45 percent, torque by 47 percent, and fuel consumption by about 14 percent at steady highway speeds. Interested in dealer callback? Originally Posted by Jeroen.

Cammless a camshaft, how would the valves be controlled properly? Originally Posted by Sankar Throttle body: This eliminates the risk of mechanical failures that could damage the engine if engjne was a malfunction while changing directions. But that was then, since then. M ller says that although the compressor featuring standard AC-compressor innards capable of peak pressures near psi generally consumes more energy than camshafts, this is partially eengine by a reduction of the engine oil flow and pressure required to lubricate cams and valves.

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In the modern age of the car, it is one of the few components which is more or less fully mechanical, unlike other parts which are increasingly being controlled digitally. Easier said then done.

Your question has been submitted. Originally Posted by samcan The concept of turbo was introduced to increase the power without having to increase the cubic capacity of an engine.

Koenigsegg’s camless engine – Team-BHP

The engine relies on pneumatic valve actuators to open valves, caless are then closed by air pressure or springs. However good this technology, xamless going to be temporary ‘upgrade” before electric power take over. But M ller notes that “a combustion chamber designed from scratch with the Freevalve system is likely to have a higher compression ratio [allowing valve timing to reduce effective compression] and a smaller area-to-volume ratio with more upright valves that are less prone to bending in case of piston contact.

We’ll email you the latest in performance and luxury automotive news every day. Originally Posted by Jeroen I understand that with this solution you can do away with the timing gear. Because these new engines can diagnose themselves and run efficiently without an operator changing settings, these engines require less crew to maintain them when at sea.

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MAN has had a camless engine on the market for many years.

Proactiv for Road Acne: The computer is able to sense when not all of the fuel is being consumed and immediately relax valve timings to supply less fuel to a cylinder. The next big innovation for internal combustion engines in cars will be removing the camshaft altogether!

Camless piston engine – Wikipedia

Because camless engines have no camshaftthey may have fewer moving parts. Originally Posted by samcan Though this camless engine technology sounds very interesting to me, I am just thinking how the timings of both intake and exhaust valves would be taken care of.

In these systems, the camshaft rollers and pushrods have been replaced by an electro-hydraulic actuator camlwss which uses the existing fuel pumps, thus reducing development risks of the new system by employing existing technology.

The same car powered by a 1. I believe the last major advancement was the Ecoboost engine which could fit on a A4 paper. The video below offers a brief explanation of how the tech works. Articles needing cleanup from April All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from April Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from April