The fourth novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan’s GhostWalker series plunges two lovers into a game where danger and passion lurk. Conspiracy Game (GhostWalkers, Book 4) [Christine Feehan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth novel in #1 New York Times. Conspiracy Game is the fourth title in the Ghostwalker Series of paranormal romance by Christine Feehan. Conspiracy Game.

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Sometimes we can’t help being afraid, but what we do in the face of that fear is the really important thing. The brothers Norton live on thousands of acres in the wilderness of Montana.

Well, his twin can as chridtine. They do all sorts of boy things. Biyoya knew, had information on him. But it really is one of my all time favourite books! The rainforest was made up of several layers. The blast was loud in the quiet of the night, sending a fireball into the sky. I think she and Jack are very alike in a lot of ways.

She is very sweet and a little shy. They thought they were quiet, but he heard the steady gasp of breath as air moved through their lungs. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Biyoya turned to say something to his guard and let out a shocked yell, leaping back away from the dead man, ducking around his Jeep.


Conspiracy Game – Wikipedia

He helps to makes this book the successful read that it is. Christine Feehan’s dynamic fusion of steamy romance, riveting suspense, and paranormal phenomena has made her books mainstays of the New York Times best-seller list. That was undoubtedly the worst proposal ever I must say. When he goes out and buys Briony absolutely everything and anything she will need while she’s staying at his house to escape the clutches of evil Dr. Even without that he would still have spotted them easily.

In fact you have no rights when it comes to me. More than guns and knives, Jack had his psychic and physical enhancements, products of experimentation enabling him to become a member of the covert GhostWalker team.

To ask other readers questions about Conspiracy Gamefeehaj sign up. Anyway, I really liked and cared about the leads, Jack and Briony. Bullets rained around him, one or two coming too close for comfort.

She refused to be a hindrance. Montana United States Africa.

Conspiracy Game

But, they made one mistake. The General had promised them they could go and unless they found the prisoner, no one would be going anywhere. Captured, tortured, conspiacy alone in the jungle, he has no choice but to escape.


Lots of fun interactions with Jack, Ken, and Briony — plenty of camaraderie and bantering. The first group of rebels came into sight, in a semi-loose formation, eyes wary as they tried to pierce the ga,e of darkness for any enemies.

Conspiracy Game

Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, a genetically enhanced sniper with a merciless sense of justice, a phantom welcomed by the anonymity of the night. His gut churned and fear swamped him. I never felt bored, nor con I think this was my favorite Ghostwalker yet. A cheetah coughed in the distance.

Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan

The ability to create pictures geehan emotions with words is such a miracle to me. Sex, some cussing and profanity, violence, a few typos.

He was a stone cold killer, but I loved him. Jack had only seconds to make his way to cover. He followed it, using the trees and vines, moving fast to catch up with the main body feehhan soldiers. To his GhostWalker-enhanced vision, the yellow and red heat waves of their bodies glowed neon bright against the cooler jungle foliage.

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