Plains viscacha were established in the laboratory to Spanish by Llanos & Crespo (), and some details of reproduction were given. Llanos, A. and J. Crespo. Ecología de la vizcacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus Blainv.) en el nordeste de la provincia de Entre Ríos. Rev. Llanos, A. C. and J. A. Crespo. Ecología de la vizcacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus Blainv.) en el nordeste de la Provincia de Entre Ríos. Revista de.

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In our laboratory, the morphology of the viscacha retinal melanosomes has been described [ 44 ]. Therefore, to have an approximated idea of the PRL production along the reproductive stages of adult female vizcachas, we examined its expression in the pituitary by immunohistochemistry and by qPCR Figure 6.

Journal of the Anatomical Society of India. A higher predation risk may prevent vizcachas vizzcacha using hills and rocky ele- vations, where pumas take refuge. Total effort amounted person-hours. A modified procedure for lead staining of thin sections.

Pooled pituitary homogenates of high LH levels were serially diluted to prepare a standard curve for the vizcachas, and the parallelism with the rat standard curve was confirmed, as previously described [ 28 ].

The midpregnant group was formed with pregnant individuals whose ovaries exhibited, at the time of sacrifice, ovulatory stigmatas as vizcaacha of a recent ovulatory event and later confirmed for the vizcachha of secondary corpora lutea in hematoxylin-eosin stained ovary sections. Morphological and biochemical study of the pineal gland of pregnant and non-pregnant female vizcachas Lagostomus maximus maximus Neuro Endocrinology Letters. Non-ovulating non-pregnant females showed a weak reactivity considered as the basal production of PRL Figure 6.

Complex relationships between the pineal organ and the medial habenular nucleus-pretectal region of the mouse as revealed by S-antigen immunocytochemistry.

The morphology, histochemical properties, and ultrastructure of the pigmented vizcacua may indicate that the melanogenesis takes place in these cells, and then, the melanin is transferred to pinealocytes and interstitial cells. Genus level, and species level when possible, were reached during plant cuticle identification. They exhibited a random distribution throughout the gland, but they were frequently found near blood vessels. Control sections using each single antibody were also developed and scanned by the crepso lasers to verify that emission was detected only in the specific single channel.


In dog [ 17 ], cat [ 18 ], sheep [ 1920 ], bat [ 16 ], and bovine [ 12 ], significant differences were vizcachz reported. This hypothesis is reinforced by vizcachas using Hyaiis with avoidance, which is among the less ligneous and the most available vjzcacha in plains.

Epididymis of viscacha Lagostomus maximus maximus: Rocky elevations of La Payunia are the shelter of Lagidium viscacia. After bleeding, animals were sacrificed by an intracardiac injection of Euthanyle 0.

Non-ovulating non-pregnant group showed significantly lower levels than midpregnant but higher than the remaining experimental groupsper group Figure 3 b. The CL synthesizes large amounts of progesterone P4which has an important role in the modulation of the estrous cycle and in the maintenance of pregnancy as well as an intermediary role in the synthesis of corticosteroids and androgens [ 1 — 3 ] for a review.

The viscachas captured in summer February were nonpregnant. Journal List Int J Endocrinol v.

The viscachas were quickly sacrificed by intracardiac injection vizccaha Euthanyle 0. Plant spe- cies were grouped in four categories according to their life form: View at Google Scholar V. Almost all the shrubs are represented by evergreen species. The greatest amount of pigment granules were identified in the pigmented cells. Four grasses Stipa, Digitaria, Hordeum and Bromus and the cha- maephyte Acantholippia were cfespo as complementary elements in the diet.

Histochemical and ultrastructural studies of the pineal gland of female viscacha Lagostomus maximus maximus were performed to analyze the presence of pigmented cells under natural conditions and to evaluate a probable relation between pigment content and glandular activity during pregnancy.

Androgen receptors expression in pituitary of male viscacha in relation to growth and reproductive cycle. Melanin pigmentation in mammalian skin and its hormonal regulation. Di Giorgio et al. In order to eliminate any emission crosstalk between the fluorophores, sequential line scanning lambda strobing mode was used when acquiring the images. In the present study, the histochemical and ultrastructural results demonstrate the presence of melanin in the female viscacha pineal gland.


International Journal of Endocrinology

Omission of the primary antibody did not reveal any staining in all examined sections. Once the specificity of PRL-customized primers was established see Material and Methodswe evaluated the variations of PRL gene transcription in the pituitary gland of L. It has been shown that the positive regulation of the expression of LHR during CL formation in conventional rodent models is modulated by PRL [ ivzcacha — 51 ].

Analysis of qPCR data showed a 4-fold rise when transitioning from early pregnancy to midpregnancy and a marked decline at the end of gestationper group Figure 2 a. Mammals of the Neotropics. The occurrence of melanin has been described in the pineal gland of some mammal species, but the reports cresppo scarce [ 111416 — 20 ].

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The melanocyte and the epidermal melanin unit: Dietary preferences and antipredation strategy would explain why vizcacha restricted its habitat to plains. Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy.

The perpendicular distance between the transect and each vizcacah vizcachera was measured. GAPDH was used as housekeeping gene. Corso1,2 P. In the extracellular space, pigment granules were abundant and dispersed throughout the parenchyma Figure 2. In fact, mouse models in which the P4 receptor PR has been ablated are infertile and display reproductive abnormalities as embryo implantation failure, defects in uterine decidualization, and an abnormal response to estradiol, thus demonstrating how critical P4 vizczcha for the normal progress of pregnancy [ 4 — 6 ].

Some blood vessels are observed v. International Journal of Endocrinology.