WHAT ARE THE LAWS AGAINST CYBER SQUATTING? Cyber Squatting in India . A complete analysis of cyber squatting and laws. Overview of cybersquatting laws in India and famous cases involving cyber squatters. Case and legal action can be taken against. What is cybersquatting? Cybersquatting or domain-name hijacking refers to the practice of bad faith registration of a domain name under the.

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A domain name refers to the name of a website and the address by using which Internet users can have access to a particular website. The Court in Case Supra further observed that. The outcome of this potential for universal connectivity is not only that a domain name would require worldwide exclusivity but also that national laws might be inadequate to effectively protect a domain name “.

It provides skilled panelists, thorough administrative procedures inxia complete credence. In the case of courts, jurisdiction has always been a major issue.

A domain name can be any cybersqjatting of letters and numbers, and it can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions, such as.

Considering both the domains’ name, it is clear that two names being almost identical or similar in nature, there is every possibility of an Internet user being confused and deceived in believing that both the domain names belong to plaintiff although the two domain names belong to two different concerns”.

Thus, cybersqkatting increases the customers search costs and makes it more likely that the customer will become frustrated with the trademark owner, regardless of the quality of her products cybersquating services.

Cybersquatting in India – Intepat IP

We will call you within 2 working hours. A person may complain before the administration dispute resolution service providers listed by ICANN under Rule 4 a that:. It takes about two months for a WIPO case to be resolved, with a small fee to be made.


Rule 4 b has listed, by way of illustration, the following four circumstances as evidence of registration and the use of a domain name in bad faith: This is also in keeping with the requirements of the said Act inasmuch as it not only describes what amounts to infringement see: Domain names need to be renewed on a yearly basis and it is essential to do it swiftly in order to avoid it getting registered by cybersquatters.

Government contract by IANA and other groups. Section 29 but it also makes provision for what cybersquattiing not amount to infringement see: Home General Laws against Cyber Squatting. This act was introduced with the intention of providing protection to the trademark owners of distinctive trademark names against cybersquatters.

The qualification documents are also identified in the new Form 28 proposed under the draft Rules. UDRP may also be referred to as a legally qualified specific contract term. Click here to register your Interest. Cybersquatting is a virus for which there is an urgent need of developing or finding an effective Anti-dote in form of efficient laws otherwise this virus can turn into a plague encouraging the cybersquatters to prey on vulnerable Domain Name Holders. With the increase of commercial activity on the Internet, a domain name is also used as a business identifier.

Some entrepreneurial souls enlisted the names of understood organizations chbersquatting area names, with the aim of offering the names back to the organizations when they at last woke up. Login with your social accounts: Log into your account. Section provides penalty for the applying of false trademarks i.


Cyber Squatting and laws prohibiting Cyber squatting in India- iPleaders

The Court gave its decision in favour of the plaintiff and granted the injunction against the defendants.

He even tweeted out from the account once before alerting cybrsquatting that the handle was with him. Did you find this blog post helpful?

The High Court of Delhi passed an order restraining the defendant from using Yahoo as their trademark or domain name and using the same code that infringe their copyrights. In cases which an individual or a company registers a domain name, and such domain name is identical or similar to a trademark of any other party and maliciously tries to sell the same for a profit.

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Hence, although cyber squatters are not completely restricting corporations from registering any domain name of their choice, it can be argued that cyber squatters are not preventing the right of corporations to domain names. The numbers referred to above are linked with the domain name “rs.

The wrong kind of skills A few days ago a man created a fake government website and was later arrested. Get our top news delivered to your inbox every morning, Monday to Friday. Domain name system maps names to a series of number or IP address. India has also established its own registry by the name INRegistry under the authority of National Internet Exchange of India NIXIwherein the dispute related to the domain name are resolved under the.

Hence, the court ordered an ad interim injunction in favor of the plaintiff.

Laws against Cyber Squatting

Cybersquatting form wherein the internet users make typographical errors while inputting a website address into the web browser. In such a mechanism the arbitration takes place online.

Registration of domain names lead to the disputes which usually allege the infringement of trademarks.

The Supreme Court held that appellant was entitled to injunction order to stop the respondent from using the domain names in dispute of it and held the respondent guilty of passing off.

Some of the problems that can be immediately identified are:. Publication policy Submit article.