Chikungunya is a relatively rare form of viral fever (“debilitating non-fatal viral illness. An outbreak of chikungunya was discovered in Port Klang in Malaysia in. 4 Jan Chikungunya fever is a self-remitting febrile viral illness that has been associated with frequent outbreaks in tropical countries of Africa and. Spatial-Temporal Pattern Comparison Between Chikungunya Outbreak And Dengue Hemmorhagic Fever Incidence At Kota Yogyakarta Background.

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Do not spray repellent on the skin under clothing. A study on chikungunya outbreak during in Kerala, south India.

Immunology Subscribe or Preview. Read product information to find out how long the protection will last. Mucocutaneous features of Chikungunya fever: For example, the Bali Provincial Health Office conducts case surveillance at Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar the central hospital of the province and a military hospital. The prognosis of eye disease was good, with most patients recovering their vision.

Epidemics in turn can cause a downturn in tourism and exert a negative effect on the local economy. Explosive re-emergence of chikungunya fever has been started since and affected millions people in worldwide i. The exact pathophysiology of Chikungunya virus remains to be investigated.

Mosquitoes bite during the day and night. Breast Cancer as a Dynamic Disease Dr. Monthly rainfall mm in Bali Province in and The east-west length is approximately km, and the main Island of Bali is composed of a chain of volcanic mountains. Unlike its counterpart, the dengue virus, a transovarian transmission has not yet been reported, supporting the historical theory that the virus first originated in Africa and later spread to other countries in Asia.


Dengue and chikungunnya virus infection in man in Thailand, Our findings also shed light on factors such as the difficulty in coordinating public education and vector control, which might hinder disease prevention in the tropical resort of Bali, Indonesia. Observations on hospitalized patients with hemorrhagic fever.

As there is no antiviral drug currently available to treat chikungunya, the treatment is primarily driven towards symptomatic relief.

Prevention | Chikungunya virus | CDC

By Susan Chow, Ph. When the mosquito-borne infectious diseases became topics of conversation, many local residents assumed that domestic tourists and inter-island migrants from DKI Jakarta and East Java Province had brought the diseases into Bali Province.

The cases then declined before sporadic outbreaks were later reported in the Philippines and Indonesia in s and Malaysia in the s. Obeyesekere I, Hermon Y.

Chikungunya Virus

Andrew Ewald An interview with Dr. Couderc T, Lecuit M. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir. Study finds why people feel it easier to achieve small incremental goals. Suharyono RS, Imari S. Several socioeconomic factors, susceptibility of humans and mosquitoes to the virus, dmeam ability of transmission all seem to play a role. Being an arbovirus, the virus is maintained in the environment between humans or other animals and mosquitoes.


For this reason, prevention of the viral infection involves minimizing water-filled areas near residential areas that are ideal breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.

Bali tourism statistics Currently, health officers in Bali occasionally use telephones and short messaging systems to expedite notification prior to sending time-consuming paper forms.

Although figures published by the MOH are slightly lower, i. Suggestions for Improvement The public sector Decentralization has been implemented in Indonesia to empower local governments and communities and improve efficiency and effectiveness in addressing a variety of issues such as chikungknya, environment and education.

The lack of knowledge among Japanese travelers to Bali regarding the facts of DENV infection was demonstrated in a Japanese report [ 13 ]. To eemam patients to find their activities, and monitor the neighborhood within a radius of m.