de difraccion de electrones in cristal electron-diffraction pattern; – de difraccion de Fraunhofer m Fis, opt, telecom Fraunhofer- diffraction pattern; – de difraccion. un caso particular de la difracción de Fresnel. Difracción de Fraunhofer • Cuando la luz pasa por aberturas o bordea obstáculos se producen fenómenos que. Difraccion de Fresnel y Fraunhofer Universitat de Barcelona. GID Optica Fisica i Fotonica Difraccion de Fresnel y Fraunhofer Difraccion de Fresnel y Fraunhofer.

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The approximations for the Kirchhoff equation are used, and additional assumptions are:. Views Read Edit View history. It gives an expression for the wave disturbance when a monochromatic spherical wave passes through an opening in an opaque screen.

This allows one to make two further approximations:.

If the viewing distance is large compared with the separation of the slits the far fieldthe phase difference can be found using the geometry shown in the figure. In the double-slit experimentthe two slits are illuminated by a single light beam. Geometrical And Physical Optics. We can develop an expression for the far field of a continuous array of point sources of uniform amplitude and of the same phase. Fraunhofer diffraction occurs when: The complex amplitude of the wavefront at r 0 is given by.

The equation was named in honor of Joseph von Fraunhofer although he was not actually involved in the development of the theory. This effect is known as interference. Thus, the integral above, which represents the complex amplitude at Pbecomes. The Airy disk can be an important parameter in limiting the ability of an imaging system to resolve closely located objects.


The equation is derived by making several approximations to the Kirchhoff integral theorem which uses Green’s theorem to derive the solution to the homogeneous wave equation. For example, when a slit of width 0.

Fórmula de la difracción de Kirchhoff – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The contribution from A 3 to the df is also assumed to be zero. Furtak,Optics ; 2nd ed. Berlin, Springer,reprintedp. A simple grating consists of a series of slits in a screen.

Difracción Fraunhofer by Victor Valera on Prezi

Annalen der Physik in German. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is not the case, and this is one of dd approximations used in deriving the equation. These two cylindrical wavefronts are superimposed, and the amplitude, and therefore the intensity, at any point in the combined wavefronts depends on both the magnitude and the phase of the two wavefronts.

Difracció de Fraunhofer

The angular spacing of the fringes is given by. The width of the slit is W. If the illuminating beam does not illuminate the whole length of the slit, the spacing of the vertical fringes is determined by the dimensions of the illuminating beam. If all the terms in f x ‘y ‘ can be neglected except for the terms in x ‘ and y ‘we have the Fraunhofer diffraction equation. In spite of the various approximations that were made in arriving at the formula, it is adequate to describe the majority of problems in instrumental optics.

The detailed structure of the repeating pattern determines the form of the individual diffracted beams, as well as their relative intensity while the grating spacing always determines the angles of the diffracted beams. CS1 German-language sources de.


The diffraction pattern given by a circular aperture is shown in the figure on the right.

If the width of the slits is small enough less than the wavelength of the lightthe slits diffract the light into cylindrical waves. The size of the central band at a distance z is given by. Huygens postulated that every point on a primary wavefront acts as a source of spherical secondary wavelets and the sum of these secondary wavelets determines the form of the wave at any subsequent time.

The spacing of the fringes is also inversely proportional to the slit dimension. Waves Optics Diffraction Gustav Kirchhoff. This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat The form of the function is plotted on the right above, for a tabletand it can be seen that, unlike the diffraction patterns produced by rectangular or circular apertures, it has no secondary rings.

A detailed mathematical treatment of Fraunhofer diffraction is given in Fraunhofer diffraction equation. In each of these examples, the aperture is illuminated by a monochromatic plane wave at normal incidence. Retrieved from ” https: If the point source is replaced by an extended source whose complex amplitude at the aperture is given by U 0 r’then the Fraunhofer diffraction equation is:.

The difference in phase between the two waves is determined by the difference in the distance travelled by the two waves.