There he appears to honor the dying Rachel, where he tells her the story written in “The Ellimist Chronicles.” He also tells her that she was a random choice to. The Ellimist Chronicles has ratings and 72 reviews. Mitch said: Ah, the nostalgia. I’m not complaining about the state of YA book publishing now ve. Nothing in it sounded familiar at all, and I wonder if I somehow missed this Chronicles completely. Either that, or it’s fallen into that haze from the end of the series.

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A being with a power that will never be fully understood. Rereading it the series The Ellimist Chronicles I have to say this book surprised me. The Ellimist’s initial war games, trying to win with the kindest solution.

If we could codify these assumptions we could win every game. Tobias just watched and tried to distract the other wolf to no end.

There were several things you guys skipped. They’re his champions; without knowing it, they stand for everything the Ellimist stands for. The Ellimist had also meddled with the past, and caused Elfangor to go chornicles being a human on Earth to an Andalite war-prince; this change was made in the timeline while allowing Tobias to continue to exist, thus preserving the Ellimist’s plans.

However, your care for them has caused me to care for them, also, and then you wrote this and ripped out my heart and stomped on it several times. This book describing the ascension of the Ellimist to his state of being is engrossing and thought-provoking. I am downloading you, your thoughts, your knowledge. Applegate ‘s Animorphs series. And this book makes it clear that it’s either him or Rachel one not chosen and all that. I had heard this wasn’t that great a book. Views Read Edit View history.


At its heart, the Ellimist Chronicles is a story about not giving up. Owl Nutter September 15, at 2: The Ellimist says that they were an accident, nothing special, and so I keep coming back to Crayak’s you stacked the deck accusation.

I was a juvie at an age when I could easily be taken seriously as an adult. I could step in early, I could “intrude,” in Menno ‘s phrase. I’m marking this book under rereadstoo, even though I’m actually Was it all worth it? I would teach them the ways of peace. May 27, Alan Gilfoy rated it really liked it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tobias.

The Ellimist Chronicles by K.A. Applegate

She was about to be shoved into the pool, and Jake was too far to save her in time, when Tobias hit her captor and freed her. Other than the Skrit Na, that elpimist, and they hardly count. As for the wolf pack thing, if I remember correctly, Jake and the real wolf fought it out til the Animorphs fled. In book two, he does nothing.

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Animorphs Ellimist Chronicles inside cover and quote.jpg

Anonymous September 20, at 6: What would I be? I’m pretty disappointed, actually, that Scholastic put the wizened old man version of Toomin the Ellimist on the cover rather than his original elliimist.

I took refuge in creating subroutines, simulations of people. I was no longer within time. I said that the battle was not yet done. Wasn’t right to just abandon all my friends just because I’d decided to change.

Which means it’s one of the cousins, Jake or Rachel. In the book, she is on trial for treason, prosecuted by her enemy, Visser Three. It could just as easily been Rachel. In book three, he does, chronjcles again, nothing.

These survivors became space nomads, seeking a replacement for their home Ket. Apr 18, Ben Babcock rated it really liked it Shelves: War is still the key. The Pemalites were fine by themselves.

The Ellimist Chronicles is one of the most glorious books ever written. Losing motivation to continue fighting Crayak, the Ellimist temporarily retreated to the Andalite home planet, possibly beginning his worship as an Andalite god.