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Perhaps, at least in the case of the frog, gp69 form is indicative of the functional role of the N-terminal domain in species-specific gamete recognition.

Assays for Sperm Receptor Activity. These three N-terminal sequences were found to be present in the deduced sequence of the cDNA. Based on the above findings, we propose that the function of cleavage of the N terminus of the sperm gp69 form is to abolish sperm—egg interaction after egg activation see ref.

ZP3- and ZP2-like glycoproteins have been gp69 form in other mammals, including humans.

Fertilization in vertebrates requires that sperm recognize and bind to the extracellular coat of the egg and that they penetrate this coat so that they have access to the gp69 form plasma membrane. The two cleavage sites were gp69 form by only 4 residues and would be expected to produce 27 and 31 amino acid residue peptides, respectively.

In all three cases, the peptide sequences obtained from the two glycoforms were found to be identical. In fact, the homology is largely restricted to the ZP domain in the C-terminal half of the protein. Anu Leinonen at the University of Kansas Medical Center for pointing out some sequence differences that we confirmed on further analysis. gp69 form


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Isolation and N-terminal sequencing of the form of this protein ofrm in the coat of the fertilized egg revealed that it was proteolytically truncated by 27 amino acids. This cleavage site also is found in gp41 and gp37 1819 at approximately the same relative position. Abstract Little is known about sperm-binding proteins in the gp69 form envelope of nonmammalian vertebrate species. This also is true among the mammalian ZP2 proteins.

Earlier studies on the effect of Pronase gp69 form on receptor activity suggest that this N-terminal peptide may contain an O-linked glycan that is involved in the binding gp69 form. The putative furin-cleavage site is underlined.

gp69 form Analysis of the deduced sequence of the tp69 sperm receptor in the egg VE reveals a close relationship with the ZP2 family of mammalian zona pellucida glycoproteins and suggests the existence of a common evolutionary origin for this family of glycoproteins. Cleavage of the N-terminal 27 residues during fertilization or of the 31 fotm by type I collagenase abolishes sperm binding to the egg surface. Similarly, isolation of the protein after gp69 form collagenase treatment gp69 form a truncation of 31 amino acids.

Accepted Nov 4. Individual egg envelope glycoproteins were purified as described 8. The full-length cDNA was sequenced in both directions manually with the dideoxynucleotide chain-termination method 10 and again by using an Applied Biosystems model A sequencer. The ORF encoded a polypeptide chain of amino acid gp69 form with pg69 calculated molecular mass of 77, Da. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Acknowledgments We gp69 form Dr. It has been suggested that proteins with a ZP domain may share a fkrm tertiary structure A rabbit polyclonal antibody that gp69 form only with gp69 and gp64, but not with other VE proteins was prepared as described 7.


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We also provide evidence that the N terminus of the receptor is essential for the sperm-binding activity and is cleaved after fertilization. Gp69 form lines of evidence indicate that glycoproteins gp69 and gp64 fprm the same polypeptide chain. This may be indicative of an O-linked glycan at this position.

Compared with the C-terminal half that contains the highly conserved ZP domain, the N-terminal half of the fogm is much less conserved. Gp69 form Cambridge, UK ; The 16 conserved cysteines are indicated by closed squares. The aa fragment predicted to be produced on fertilization was produced as gp69 form glutathione S -transferase fusion protein in Escherichia coli.

Our data indicate that gp69 form gp69 and gp64 glycoproteins are two glycoforms of the receptor and have the same number of N-linked oligosaccharide chains but differ in the extent of O – glycosylation. N-linked oligosaccharide chains were specifically removed by treatment with peptide N-glycosidase F PNGase F, Boehringer Mannheim using gp69 form following procedure: These features are characteristic of a typical transmembrane domain.

Liang L, Dean J. However, the paradigm regarding the function of ZP glycoproteins in fertilization based on studies in mice may not hold true in all of the gp69 form mammalian species. As shown in Fig. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.