SMART QUILL abstract – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File User can use any platform for writing like paper, screen, tablet or even air. Smart quill,. Accelerometer, transcription, digital inkwell. 1. INTRODUCTION. Lyndsay ability to read handwriting not only on paper . analysis”,IEEE Trans. Abstract – In the market there are various pen’s available but none of them performs operations other than writing. This paper focuses on the extraordinary.

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At a time, up to 10 pages of notes can be stored locally on the pen. Are you interested in this topic.

Future models could receive e-mails and pager messages via a wireless papre system. The shopping list below was produced from this limited pn to demonstrate the text inversion.

The future of SmartQuill ensures all computation power the user needs right inside the pen. The really clever bit of the technology is its ability to read handwriting not only on paper but on any flat surface – horizontal or vertical.

Smart Quill Abstract Published on July 30, This information recorded in the pen is then downloaded to PC. Keyboards become so tiny you require needle-like fingers to operate them and screens that need constant cursor controls to read simple text. By tilting the pen, ieee paper on smart quill can choose applications and scroll through with out using scroll buttons. This software embedded in the microprocessor of the pen is used to recognize handwriting of the user.

It contains an ink cartridge so that users can ieee paper on smart quill what they write on paper. It also automatically detects left or right handed use.

It is claimed to be the biggest revolution in handwriting since the invention of the pen.

Pen works in conjunction ieee paper on smart quill a regular PC on to which users install special handwriting recognition software. The sleek and stylish prototype papee is different from other electronic pens on the market today in that users don’t have to write on a special pad in order to record what they write. Qyill electronic docking station is a small cabinet to which a laptop or notebook computer can be attached for use as a desktop computer ,usually have a connector for externally connected devices, such as hard drives or scanners and ports that can be linked to components such as qhill, monitor and printer.

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Smart Ieee paper on smart quill contains sensors that record movement by using the earth’s gravity system, irrespective of the platform used. The data is stored in the memory on the pen until it is uploaded to the personal computer.

It’s really mobile because of it’s smaller size and one handed use. It is made possible through two facilities:. People could use the pen in the office to replace a keyboard, but the main attraction will be for users who usually take notes by hand on the road and type them up when returning to the office.

SmartQuill is a computer housed within a pen which allows you to do what ieee paper on smart quill normal personal organizer does. SmartQuill will let them skip the step eiee typing up their notes.

Encouraged by Nigel Ballard, a leading consultant to the mobile computer ieee paper on smart quill, Williams took her prototype to the British Papper Research Lab, where she was promptly hired and given money and institutional support for her project.

These 14 characters were then processed by anagram software to produce words that ieeee these characters. It is an interesting idea, and it even comes with one attribute that makes entire history of pens pale by ieee paper on smart quill someone else picks your SmartQuill and tries to write with it- it won’t. The choice of words was quull to what characters the LCD display driver could show while upside down left hand picture — only 14 of the 26 letters of the alphabet were usable.

The data stored in the memory is uploaded to the personal computer when it is placed in to a docking station. Hence a simple application of SmartQuill is that it write notes on paper.


User could use any surface for writing such as paper, tablet, screen or even air.

Users can enter information into these applications by pushing a button on the pen and writing down what they would like to enter. SmartQuill is powered by AAA battery.

Because user can train the pen to recognize a quilk handwriting. The SmartQuill microcontroller read the angle and then mapped the large screen display onto the small 4 line display. The ieee paper on smart quill would align text if it was held in left or right hand so the text was the correct way up for left or right handed people.

ieee base paper smart quill

It’s similar to the way a microphone detects sound. The prototype, called SmartQuil, has been developed by world-leading research laboratories run by BT formerly British Telecom at Martlesham, eastern England. Hence SmartQuill recognizes only the owner’s handwriting. Earlier SmartQuill models developed by BT laboratories communicated with the PC via a radio transmitter, but the current ieee paper on smart quill hooks up to a PC via a cable and electronic s,art station called an “inkwell.

When the pen is kept idle for some time ,power gets automatically off.

Smart Quill Abstract

The introduction of SmartQuill is the best solution for this problem. The pen records the information inserted by the user. SmartQuill is slightly larger than an ordinary fountain pen. This is possible through recent technology involved in SmartQuill, the wireless messaging system which allows two way communication between devices.

This is possible through revolutionary “Spatial Sensing” system which uses semiconductor accelerometers. Up to 10 pages of notes can be stored locally on the pen. The handwriting recognition software translates movements in to text on screen.