Know Thyself has ratings and 9 reviews. Shannette said: Akbar has built a wonderful case for the need for the inner journey. Who are we and why are w. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . 1 Jan The Paperback of the Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Know Thyself

With the absence of the power to thydelf our- selves from the onslaught of these social diseases, and then lacking in the knowl- e ge to immunize ourselves from them African-Americans and other miseducat- ed groups become very vulnerable in this alien system.

There are many contemporary African-American scholars who strongly agree with Dr. Buy in bulk and save. Vyktah rated it liked it Jun 20, This is also true of African dance, music, drama etc. Consciousness literally thyslf to mean with knowledge or knowing with others is the internal manifestation of knowledge.

People will gain a new level of appreciation for Africa and her genius if they are able to study the true meaning of African Art and the philo- sophical thysself that underlie this Art. If our conduct is consistent with our true nature then we are naturally directed towards our divinely prescribed mission in life.

Rituals of remembrance constantly remind the African person of the resources that exist within this component of their being.

Know Thyself – Na’im Akbar – Google Books

The European difficulty in incorporating spiritual non-phvs- ical reality into their worldview, forces them to identify this transpersonal dimen- sion of the self into a physical code that they find hidden in the DNA Africans and most people of the world are just as certain of the legacy of those who have gone before us as continuing contributors to our being through the spiritual par- ticipation of the ancestors in our collective self. This aspiration w ; ould have to go beyond the freedom to worship, but an acceptance of the nature of the human being as something considerably more than its material manifesta- tion.

The more opportunities that people have to explore the broader dimen- sions of themselves, the more likely they are to discover those sometimes diffi- cult to find assets in the personal self.


So, ultimately, one does not pursue educa- tion in order to get a job, but to control resources in such a way that you will always be in a position to negotiate a trade. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The consequence is the tremendous difficulty that modern inhabitants of Africa have in the conduct of their affairs haim government and culture. Miseducation in its foundation is the cultivation of an alien identity.

This zkbar continues to haunt Western education and Western psychology. Drive no one away from the property of his or her father.

Again this is consistent with the way of tthyself Ancient African people who studied and expressed God in all that they did from their language, to their art, to their monuments and buildings. Another quality of knoq is the conse- quence of rejecting certain aspects of our personal jnow because we have been taught that those characteristics are unacceptable. People who never discover their mission and fail to develop moral lives are the same people who never learned to love their own souls or spiritual core.

Sep 07, Corey added it. In fact, we have noted in this discussion that the peo- ple of Africa pioneered the earliest forms of technology that went into the con- struction of the great pyramids and temples of the Nile Valley.

Thyseelf recognition that technology must follow certain patterns of nature and should always be respectful of the intimate relationship between nature and the human self pre- vented the abuse of nature in the way that it has been systematically assaulted over the last few generations of human life. However, the uncritical imi- tation of the greatness of other communities robs a people of the special contri- bution that comes from the uniqueness of their particular legacy.

If your primary moral demand is to insure your personal success then you are morally liable because you are unlike- ly to consider the needs of others beyond their ability to fulfill your individual needs. Errin Muhammad rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Essentially, it requires that a group with a com- mon social destiny and common historical tyyself must see themselves as ris- ing above any limitations and achieving the ascendancy of their group consistent with the highest aspirations of the rest of humanity.


Children must also be loved by anyone who takes on the responsibility of educa- tion.

We are suggesting here that a considerable portion of education is not a universal or a generic process. Miseducation actually begins at the level at which the person is taught an alien identity and nothing about their true identity.

Education of the personal self is actually what most of traditional social science is all about. This educational system was never estab- lished to provide a true education for anyone but Americans of European descent who were intended knoww remain the holders and developers of this society. A truly effective educational system will encourage an openness to explore a wide area of interests.

For it is the front of the house that inspires respect in the back. He has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Black Studies and for eight years was the associate editor of the Journal of Black Psychology.

The skills and ideas that they develop have lim- ited or no utility for themselves. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated: The measure of success for this aspect of his scholarship becomes the number of people from various walks of life that have been able to study these ideas, change knlw lives and their world.

That special attribute which distinguishes human life from all other forms of life on this planet is the unique ability to acquire knowledge. The oppo- sition to this reasonable demand is evidence of their recognition of the depth of the issue that is being raised. This is where the study of history takes on very direct and very important psychological implications as a tool to enlighten the self.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Though these things have been made to appear thyseelf complex and abstract, even magical, the bottom lice is that people establish mechanisms to insure the survival of themselves and their kind.