Learning Dholuo will not only help readers to understand what the Luos are, but The book will offer readers a chance to learn the language. It should therefore . Learn Dholuo (Teach Yourself Dholuo Beginners Audio Book) Global Publishers Other Useful Basic / Common Words, Phrases and Expressions in Dholuo. Dholuo, or Luo, belongs to the Luo-Acholi group of the Nilo-Saharan language family. Dholuo is mutually How difficult is it to learn Dholuo? There is no data.

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Learn the Luo language of Kenya: Some Professions “Laktar” — doctor, “Fundi bao” — Carpenter The verb to pearn is chiewoaccording to ABO. Sweet very Chiemo mamit ahinya!

Ahero sikuma moloyo rabolo. Some other uses of doubling: Openjo ni ka iyie to inyise kaka ute madalau kae obet. How does he cook? Konya vholuo, ka aeto kongi.

Luo (Dholuo) Phrases and Basics

Paul usually eats in the morning. Achiyo ma ber My morning is going well – reply Oyaore? For indirect objects, the suffix is the same as for direct dholup, except that you add -n- at the beginning of the suffix and ni- for the “them” form:. Luo is classified as a Nilotic language.

Following is the conjugation of the verb ndikoto write: It is used in the greeting “Ingima?


As a disclaimer, the author of this brief text is neither a linguist nor a person at all fluent with Dholuo, but merely sholuo who likes languages, and thought that there was not nearly enough information about Dholuo available on line. Not news, but a high google hit in Furniture Ywech — broom, yweyo — to sweep also “to rest”.

The Lord’s Resistance Army–a band of rebels that has terrorized villages in northeast Dhooluo, kidnapped thousands of children, forced them to be child soldiers, and carried out a variety of other atrocities against civilians–is led by a man named Joseph Kony. Verbs Verbs have many different tenses, of which only a few are described here. The family Wuon — Father, Wuonwa — my father Min — Mother, Minwa — my mother Wuod — son, Nyar — daughter used to state whose daughter, where she comes from eg.

For singular nouns, the suffix -a, -i, -e, -wa, -u, -gi is added to marwhich comes after the noun it modifies:. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Your comment will go along way in correcting during the learj. Ahero chai moloyo sikuma.

This means that Luo words can end in a consonant. Note that yor- is the singular noun construct of yoo”path”, and yore- is the plural construct:. Donj ot, mos minu. Ma kayo, machielo no to yuore.

However, pronominal subjects and objects are usually incorporated into the verb. Languages in the U. With the article of potentiality, “d”: Dana “iluongo ni” Nyar-alego — My grandmother is called Nyar-alego lady from Alego.


To scare, buogo or bwogo ; ABO only lists the former. Little is known about Luo dialects. Aduogo limou kendo mondo wang’ere maber.

The noun construct has several important uses. He doesn’t want to wash himself. Wabiroga chiemo kae pile. Many native Luos do not know dhpluo.

Luo (Dholuo) Phrases and Basics

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I stand to be corrected because am not an expert in the language, but I have suggestions for corrections from my experience as a first language speaker:.