One of the most commonly kept lizards, the leopard gecko is hardy, friendly, and full of personality. This interesting saurian can vocalize, lick its eyes, and “wink”. 18 Apr Leopard Geckos are easy to care for, popular pet lizards. Josh’s Frogs Leopard Gecko Caresheet provides everything you need to know to care. 3 Dec Leopard Gecko Information and Care Recommendations The leopard gecko, Eublepharis macularius, is native to south central Asia from -medicine/herps/ leopard-gecko-eublepharis-macularius-basic-information-sheet/.

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They prefer to live alone, but can become used to being handled if done so carefully. Ggecko geckos are undoubtedly one of the best reptile pets available today. This shelter should be designed so the gecko can be easily removed from its hiding place, if necessary. I recommend placing the water dish on the cool side of the cage; otherwise the water will evaporate too quickly.

Both geckos were able to pass the sand in their digestive systems, but the heavily impacted gecko required numerous doses of mineral oil down its throat and up the other end. Many different shelters are available at your local pet store or reptile show including ceramic caves, half rounds of wood, or you can fashion your own hiding place out of loose rocks attached together with silicone caulk used for constructing aquariums. Under-tank heaters and hot rocks are not as safe or effective.

If you buy them in bulk you can refrigerate them for weeks until you are ready to use them, so no worries about providing food and water. The Bearded Dragon Manual.

Leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are very active feeders, and usually end up ingesting some of the substrate in the process of catching a cricket. More active so more stimulating to the geckos. Read more about handling geckos and monitoring their health in our leopard gecko care sheet PDF KB.

If you do make a rock cave with loose rocks, be very sure that it is sturdy and will not collapse and crush your gecko. You should know these temperatures and check them at least every two weeks. Sterilization of the entire cage is not required each week, but should be done at least every four months. If you do find your gecko has some retained skin after shedding, you need to lend a helping hand. The other baby had also ingested a considerable amount of sand, but not as much as the lethargic gecko.


I do not recommend you purchase a fancy dial-type reptile thermometer that sticks to the side of the tank, as these are more expensive than what you need and will only give you the temperature of the air inside the tank. Believe it or not, the geckos will literally lap up the vitamin powder from the dish if they need it.

Leopard gecko care sheet | Advice for owners | RSPCA

Again, you should be able to provide the necessary heat for your leopard geckos with an under-the-tank-heater alone. Simply turning off the under tank heater is often enough to hibernate your geckos, as they can be hibernating at 70 degrees Fahrenheit as low as degrees is fine.

You may also provide the calcium powder in a shallow dish.

The best way to car your gecko enclosure is with an under-the-tank heater. Usually the gecko is able to pull the shed off easily, but sometimes they have problems, especially if they do not have the proper humidity during shedding. Switching my geckos from crickets to mealworms was not as difficult as I had expected.

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet – Josh’s Frogs How-To Guides

During the hibernation period your geckos will eat less, drink less, and be less active. Provide a shallow water dish for drinking and soaking. Frequency of shedding varies, depending on the age and growth rate of the gecko. More advanced leopard gecko breeders will also find this information useful because it is always interesting to hear the various ways people take care of their animals and the experiences they have had.

Juveniles should be fed daily; adults every other day. A major benefit of providing the gut load in the dish with the mealworms is that they will always be gut loaded, even days after you put them in the dish. Often the tail regenerates in less than 40 days.

Live or artificial plants can be added for a nice decorative touch. If you purchase a young male and female leopard gecko and plan for them to live together in the future, you must raise them to adult size separately. I found the young leopard geckos adapted to eating mealworms from a dish shfet faster than gecmo, but the adults learned eventually when they got really hungry.

A piece of carrot in the mealworm dish will help in the process, as it will make the mealworms more active, and thus more interesting to your geckos.


I have found providing the carrot makes the mealworms more active in the dish, crawling around and feeding, which makes them more stimulating to the geckos. Put a top on the container and let the gecko sit for 30 minutes. A sand substrate allows for simple spot cleaning of feces and dead crickets, and this should typically be conducted at least once a week. Below is leoppard example of a 1. See the section on caer above for my recommendations on gut loading mealworms.

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

These crickets will now carry these parasite eggs in their stomach, and when the gecko eats these crickets those eggs will hatch inside the gecko, increasing the parasite load in your gecko see page on lizard health for more about this. They are fairly clean and usually poop in only one corner of the cage. I feed pinkies to my breeding females; both during the breeding season and after cars season to give them additional calories to regain weight they lost from laying eggs. This is a great leoprad for the home.

It is good to have several shelters in your cage, one on the warm side, one on the cool side. This powdered gut loading diet for feeder insects is available at most pet stores. Reptiles and other exotic pets Information on keeping a non-domestic animal as a pet, plus care sheets sheft more common species. High humidity will develop syeet the container and this should loosen the skin enough to allow you to remove it easily with a pair of tweezers. You are currently logged in as.

To put this in human terms, a year-old girl can have kids, but it is just not a good idea! Cage substrate should be kept dry, so be careful about spillage. Multiple female leopard geckos can be housed together if approximately the same sizebut sexually mature xheet are territorial and will fight. Geckos normally eat their shed skin. The grain size is often much larger than 0.