Mancala Game Rules. Mancala is a name given to a large family of “Pit and Seeds” or “Count, Sow and Capture” games – one of the oldest games known. Mancala Instructions. For 2 Players. AGES 6 to Adult. CONTENTS. Folding Wood Gameboard, 48 Colored Glass “Stones” Velvet Drawstring Bag. OBJECT. Mancala or Oware Rules. African and Asian classic board game – comprehensive instructions for friendly play from Masters Traditional Games.

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It does not matter which cup you choose.

The second, Oware, can be enjoyed by older children. Players sow pieces around the board, including one into their Kalah as they pass. If you run into your opponent’s store, skip it. The players now count their stones in their mancala and the player with the most stones wins the game. Setting up Before you begin to play, set up the game board. The Mancala board consists of 2 rows. Picture an egg carton with a bowl at each end. African Mankala in anthropological perspective. This score one point and enables you an additional turn.

How to play Mancala: What are the Mancala Rules?

The Mancala-board is made up of two rows of six holes or pits. Leave this field empty. Second, the rules for capture are different.

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How to play MANCALA (with Video) | UltraBoardGames

The winner is determined by counting stones in the Mancalas. The storage pit to your right is your storage pit. The six small holes on your side of the game board belong to you. At direections beginning of the game, you and your opponent sit on opposite sides of the game board. And research suggests that good players use abstract or hypothetico-deductive reasoning Retschitzki et al You need a total of 48 game pieces or stones.

On your turn, pick up all the stones in one of the smaller cups on your side.

Subscribe to our Feed via RSS. Then players take turns “sowing” and “capturing” seeds. The game continues, often with these additional mancala rules:. The player who has still have stones left on his side of the board will capture all of those stones. But if the answer is yes, you get to collect the seeds and keep them in your storage pit. The game has no African origins despite many claims to the contrary, even by its inventor, because there is no such game in the whole ditections Africa. By dropping the green stone into the empty pit, you will capture the two stones red and blue on the other side of the board.

Oware, a West African variant of mancala, is a more sophisticated game. Take now all 3 stones green, red and blue and place them in your store mancala.


Mancala Game Rules

Kalah is one of the most popular mancala games for kids. A game begins by placing a specified number of seeds in each small pit. There are amncala different Mancala games, some versions are simple like Kalah or Oware but others like Omweso or Bao can be very complicated as mancsla are played on two boards and sometimes played in a reverse direction. Moving counter clockwise, place the stones one by into the other cups on the board, one stone at a time.

Mancala games for kids

If the last stone you drop in in an empty pit, you capture the stones and any stones in the pit directly across from it on your opponent’s side of the board. Such qualities have inspired educators in Africa, Europe, and the United States to bring mancala into the classroom.

If the answer is no, your turn is over and your opponent gets to sow seeds. Does playing mancala actually sharpen math and thinking skills? If you drop a stone into your own store, deposit it and that stone is safe.