9 Oct The appeals were followed by a failed Mercy Petition for executive clemency submitted under the Pakistan Prisons Rules of , based on. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the law relating to prisons in [2][Pakistan], and to provide rules for the regulation of such prisons;. It is hereby enacted as. Known as the Pakistan Prison Rules, the manual grew out of the federal of and was adopted by the provinces in Chapter 12 of the Rules.

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Such training should be, both in respect of keeping security and the treatment of prisoners.

There are complaints of abuse of authority and exceeding limits, in the award of punishment by the jail Superintendent. Solitary confinement, on the other hand, is regularly ordered by prison authorities for a sweeping range of infractions, whether committed by convicts or prisoners who priso under trial.

At the apex of the prison system are the twenty-two central prisons, which are designed to house over one thousand inmates each. In case of riles, the ticket must be sent with the prisoner to the other pison.

Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners does the same for prisoners generally; its application is extended “to the treatment pa,istan juvenile offenders in institutions” under Rule 27 of the U.

Award of Punishment by Jail Superintendent Chapter 23 of the Jail Manual, classifies the offences committed in prisons by the prisoners and prescribes the procedure for rulds of punishment. The system and procedure is open to abuse and misuse.

They will be served vegetables and pulses in lunch time. These recommendations speak of privatization of the existing centers and investment from the private sector for increasing such industrial and commercial centers. Human Rights Watch visited the juvenile wards of two large, urban prisons in Punjab: Pakisatn that the use of hand’cuff during the walk shall be applied only in respect of terrorists or dangerous criminals.


The din produced by the acoustics of the cell and the multitudegathered there makes conversation difficult if not impossible, while the dense grille obscures the view inmates and visitors have of each other.

It is quite successfully practised in India.

B and C class prisoners to have same meal – Newspaper –

Near the entrance to the jail is a large, rectangular cell where the inmates and visitors meet. Pakistan’s eighty-two prisons are classified into several categories, based on administrative level, size, and function.

Abdul Basit was convicted in a murder case and was sentenced to death under section b of the Pakistan Penal Code on May 19, An Act further to amend the Prisons Act, Apart from the advertisement, a number of letters were written to professionals and concerned authorities who are directly or indirectly concerned with the issue.

They further require for the segregation of female and juvenile convicts from the rest. Although the jail authorities had denied Aslam’s requests for a meeting with the superintendent, other boys in the prison had raised his case during visits by their parents. Abdul Majeed Ahmed Auolakh, the principal of the institute sinceis widely acclaimed by local NGOs for his efforts to impart human rights training to jail staff and to promote penal law reform, including juvenile justice legislation.

B and C class prisoners to have same meal From the Newspaper April 01, Under Rulethe following special remission schedule is provided: It is recommended that in every Jail, facilities should be established for the purpose of general as well as vocational and technical education to prisoners.

He was fairly impressed with the clean hygienic conditions, provision of proper medical care, education and other facilities to the prison inmates.

Pakistan: Prison Rule Requires Condemned to Be Able to Stand on the Scaffold | Global Legal Monitor

It is alleged that some under-trial prisoners have already completed the prescribed period of their imprisonment in jails. PM Khan’s body language appeared fidgety and nervous. There is a need for improving the salary structure and service conditions of prison staff.


Security System There are often reports of escape of prisoners from jails. Rules for the Protection of Juveniles recognize the right of every juvenile to practice his or her religion, including through the attendance of “services and meetings provided in the detention facility” and “the possession of the necessary books and items of religious observance and instruction The incident was set off when members of the prison staff beat Aslam, a thirteen-year-old boy in the juvenile ward, for complaining of sexual abuse by Zulfiqar, the head warder.

Pakistan Prisoners Code (Jail Manual)

After careful consideration of the pros and cons of the issue, the Commission came to the conclusion that one way of resolving the issue prisoh to establish courts on or near jail premises. The juvenile ward is a horseshoe-shaped building, formed by three adjoining barracks and separated by a gate from the rest of the prison. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan notes that the Code includes 27 offenses for which a convicted felon may receive the death penalty in the country.

In Pakistan, we need to implement this scheme in earnest. The facility of remission is available to every convicted prisoner.

During his time in the cell, he said, prison authorities repeatedly subjected him to beatings. Despite being a relatively new facility, built inRawalpindi Central Prison was grossly overcrowded byoperating at about twice its rated capacity.

The visit to Beijing was a sobering moment for Imran Khan, whose body language appeared fidgety and nervous. According to a local journalist who documented the case, the boys broke the wall of the prison cell in which they were locked, and set fire to the gallows as well as prison furniture.

He was further shown factories, functioning inside the jail premises where prisoners were employed for work.