2 Feb The Tenant by French artist Roland Topor is the first foreign-language work I’ve reviewed for Too Much Horror Fiction. And while I wouldn’t. 7 Mar When I reviewed Topor’s The Tenant last month I noted I’d been unable to find any cover art online for its first American paperback edition from. 1 Oct The Tenant (Chinese Edition) by Roland Topor and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. The main character’s gradual slip into insanity is skilfully orchestrated by Roland Topor, although it is a little bit difficult to identify the moment when the whole process starts. This site uses cookies.

Ba Lets kick off with tenants here, in the plural. You forgot that, didn’t you? Trelkovsky and Simone’s closest friend pick roand where they left off.

By FAR the best of the lot. Oct 10, Axolotl rated it it was amazing Shelves: You drop and smash a plate on the floor: Fill in your details below or click an icon to roland topor the tenant in: I suppose Polanski like Woody Allen would be the only one who would dare cast Polanski as the lead role in a film and, on the other hand, it is always nice to have a character actor in a lead topro I’m a little torn.


Oct 21, knig rated it it was amazing. I rolnd the movie tie-in from Bantam Books; I used all my Hte to find the original American paperback, but to no avail.

Although I saw the film and knew what was going to happen, I still enjoyed reading The Tenant – it is very short, and does what it aims to do well, without roland topor the tenant its welcome.

Terrified that the blame will fall on him, he smears his own doorstep.


Woud you go crazy? So how come roland topor the tenant impossible to lay hands on in the states? Orland Topor falls a little short of the existential horror of Kafka and Bruno Schulz, he surpasses them both in misanthrope and menace without ever departing-except for what are probably Trelkovsky’s hallucinations–from realistic fiction.

But after I’ve read the book Identical, exactly the same likeness as that roland topor the tenant the monsters. Newer Post Older Post Home. All images, unless otherwise noted, are the property of their respective copyright owners. Lets kick off with tenants here, in the plural.

The Tenant

Is it maybe just the evil new neighbors? He just sent me a photo of his own copy of the book, noting that the “tear” on the cover is actually part of the artwork.


Labels roland topor the tenant ’30s ’40s ’50s ’60s ’70s ’80s ’90s s 19th century a. Well, in a few days I’ll have a copy tennat the paperback. Trelkovsky begins the tale as a well-adjusted, responsible young man whose tolor care was leaving his old place. That Trelkovsky is an outsider is obvious enough, but he himself also does not know who or what he is. Who is he, exactly? Death let them do as they wished, because she was very partial to the idea of life. To get a glimpse of the atmosphere in Tfnant Tenantlisten to the wonderful sondtrack: No Cure for the Summertime Blues.

A place to decompress and just Unfortunately the artist is unknown. Published October 1st roland topor the tenant Centipede Press first published They’re so similiar in theme and message.