23 Feb Samudrika Shastra, as we know is a Vedic study of an individual’s aura, face, personality, and whole body. Based on this study’s guidelines. HAST SAMUDRIKA SHASTRA THE INDIAN SCIENCE OF HAND READING By K. C. SEN, M.A., Ph.D. Foreword by K. G. Saiyidain D. B. TABAPOBEVALA SONS . 22 Sep Humans are curious by nature and insist on knowing as much as they can. We are fascinated by the way people look and what’s going on in.

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Besides the lines given above there are found the following signs samudrika shastra in by themselves in the palm, fingers, or thumb.

People with knotty fingers are tliroughout and have analytical minds. Loose knees indicate poverty, and bony knees without flesh connote loose character.

Samudrika Shastra- A woman’s face hold the secrets of her life

It has been mentioned extensively in the literatures of medieval times and also in classical works of Homer and Hippocrates. How can we improve? When the nails are broaJei than they are long, they indicate a quarrelsome nature, tending to meddle in other people’s affairs. Contd… Short length of toe shastr short life.

These lines, if strong and faultless, give wealth and happiness to the subject. People, bom under the influence of Mercury, are generaDy oved. To this class of hands samudroka all those restless people who cannot remain in one place or job for a long time. They have more resignation, idealism and a taste for literature, poetry, painting, and the samudrika shastra in arts. If the index finger is normal and the samudrika shastra in on the hand are not unfavourable, ne will occupy a good position in life.

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Ir the lingers predominate in length over the palm, then the subject wiS be interested in intellectual pursuits, and may make his mark in poetry, architecture, drawing, painting, and the arts.

The Arogya or health hne, ending under the fourth finger. If the mount leans towards Sun ana samudirka normally developed, it is a favourable samudrika shastra in to have, for it augurs eloquence and a flair for scientific study.

Observations by Samudrika shastra in Hindu Writers. Your face shape can give you a broad idea of your personality.

Such a person is vain and given to ostentation. Mount of upper Mars, of resistance, resignation and courage. This book is divided into three parts.

It has been seen that people possessed of an shasra head line and a good Mercury finger samudrika shastra in failed to achieve anything in the world, because of the presence of over-developed emotions of various kinds in their character. Elevation, shsstra, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant.

Sir Arthur Sullivan will be remembered for the original and beautiful ‘music he samudrika shastra in for the ‘Gi This may refer to four factors: The rest may make a nature coarse oqcasionally, but do not denote inherent badness.


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Samudrika Shastra- A woman’s face hold the secrets of her life

Height and Elasticity of the Mount, This samudrika shastra in be studied, for upoD these two factors rests the force of the subject’s senses and emotions. The fellow who represents this type is quick ana short, small in stature, with restless eyes rather furtive, and crooked samudrika shastra in bending inwards. The four main lines mentioned are: Broken lines denote, failure of vitality and loss of wealth. If it is square at the tip, the samudrika shastra in will pursue art for the sake of the money he can make out of it.

When the forces are too strong, they wreck the machine and engine. The second shows logic, reasoning ability, judgment. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat If the space created between the curve of sole and floor is more than average, it indicates mediocre financial status. Tliis is a sign found on the hands of clever carpenters, dressmakers, tailors, sculptors, etc.