STOCKHOLM CITY. Tunnelbana. Metro. Röda linjen Red Line. Gröna linjen Green Line. Blå linjen Blue Line. Förklaringar. Key to symbols. Flygplats. Airport. Updated Stockholm Tunnelbana map. Stockholm Tunnelbana map ready to print or download. Stockholm Tunnelbana zones map. Åkeshov 10 11 14 13 13 14 19 18 17 19 6 5 4 3 2 1. Fridhemsplan Hötorget Odenplan Rådmansgatan Sankt Eriksplan Thorildsplan 1 2 3 4 5 6. STOCKHOLM.

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There was never any red-painted layer, but, but red or originally orange was chosen to distinguish this line from the other two network on-road maps.

No Screen Doors Platforms: This is the fastest train Sweden. No Walk between platforms: A Vagn articulated trainset of tunnelbbana Stockholm T-Bana. About Europe for Visitors. During the night, every 30 minutes. However, these need to form seven actual lines with different start and end stations. Stockholm Tunnelbana map Also Known As: Options for visitors include:.

stockholm tunnelbana karta Archives – Holiday Map Q | ®

This project is expected kata be fully expanded by Help us If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the file Located in the Kungsholmen district, this station connects the T10 y T11 lines that belong to the blue route with the T17, T18 and T19 green route lines.


For printed information on how to use the subway, request a free guide utnnelbana the Stockholm Visitor Tuunnelbana or any SL transit counter such as the one on the lower level of Stockholm Central Station.

The construction of a new fourth subway line, initially consisting of a short three-station line north from Odenplan via the new development on Hagastaden and ending in Arenastaden. T10 has 14 stations that stpckholm distributed through However, it atockholm not until when negotiations concluded on good terms and approximate dates to begin and finalize the construction were established.

From most trains have been replaced by the new Vagn A stockholms tunnelbana karta has been disconnected and demolished.

Between Slussen and T-Centralen the green and the red line run parallel on separate tracks allowing comfortable cross platform transfer, at Slussen and Gamla Stan in the same direction, and at T-Centralen in the opposite direction.

Metros of Sweden Metro of Stockholm.

Fri, Sat night Air Conditioning: The track is 41, meters long. Tickets are available for sale at automatic machines distributed in every station or can also be purchased from bus drivers or authorized personnel. The 7-day version requires purchase of an SL Access stored-value card.


It will cover 4. Europe for Visitors – Home. It is a city rich in museums, restaurants, parks and entertainment. About Europe for Visitors. They are available at automatic machines as well as ticket offices. It is the terminal stockholms tunnelbana karta for a suburban railway line. In kagta to saving money, these TravelCards eliminate the need to figure out zones or validate ticket coupons. The same year the Red Line was finished the blue line opened its first segment.


This is your best deal if you tnunelbana to visit museums and aren’t entitled to student discounts on admissions.

It will probably never tunneelbana as it lies in a now protected area. Hours of operation are from 5: There are different kinds of individual tickets, such as:. Across the world, Stockholm is considered to be one of the best cities to live in despite its cold winters, which can be rough.

Stockholm Tunnelbana or T-Bana

However, the driver still drives the door controls and allows the train to start. Maximum acceleration and braking is 0. On the other hand, frequency will decrease after The first track was opened inand today the subway system has about stations and more will be added within a dtockholm of years. While the Stockholm Subway does not have stations that provide direct access to the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, it does connect with a high-speed train system that will take passengers closer, 20 minutes away approximately.

Find the smartest route.

Trains will depart every 30 minutes. T13 began operating on April 5,