When I first picked up Mr. Lorayne’s book “Super-Memory, Super-Student”, I had my doubts. I have a fair collection of harry lorayne’s memory books and have. 1 Mar Super Memory – Super Student by Harry Lorayne, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. [Matching item] Super memory–super student: how to raise your grades in 30 days / Harry Lorayne. – 1st ed. Boston: Little, Brown, pages, , English.

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I am not saying that this is a bad book, in fact I would recommend a majority of people to read it. One main one being, that the more you over study you are more likely to forget the information. The argument the author uses is the memorization methods taught in the book are useful and that they should be used in every subject.

The point of my book review is too show that super memory has helpful ways to improve your memory, but also has some shortcomings. I believe this book has truly provided me with useful methods to memorize chemistry terms i had a hard time remembering. He wrote specifically for stud Andre Restauro Chemistry Mr. Write a review Rate this item: I think that this can work for some people but when I try to think of numbers when remembering a word it just confuses me with all the intricacies of the decoding methods he recommends.

This is totally counterproductive as now you have to remember multiple words just to remind yourself of one word. User tags User lists Similar Items. Super Memory – Super Student: The author wrote this book because he wanted students to be successful in school with the memorization methods he came up with. Although many of his exercises prove to be helpful, many of them are outdated and can be achieved by other, more technological means.

Super memory–super student : how to raise your grades in 30 days (Book, ) []

That is easy to memorise because 12 months in a year and days in a year etc. Your rating has been recorded. Harey uses great tips to help the reader get as much out of this book as they can. There is no learning without memory So even if I didn’t really understand what he was saying, I was able wtudent understand what he means and what to use it for when he gave us examples and picture for us to write it down.


Back cover copy Memory is the stepping-stone to thinking, because without remembering facts, you cannot think, conceptualize, reason, make decisions, create. Finally, there are many chapters on Math and Science. Chapters cover a variety of memorization topics for classes including Chemistry, Law, Medicine, Vocabulary, History, and many more. I believe the author covers this very adequately, and the possibilities of remembering things are endless, as long as it sticks. I am reading Super Memory with my class during Chemistry.

How to Raise Your Grades in xuper Days 4. The author penned this book in order supeer provide his expertise to students and improve their in-class performance and grades. In conclusion, Super Memory Super Student hqrry a solid but somewhat outdated grade booster, and memory enhancer. The reminder principle is used every day by almost every human, and the narrator is describing how to apply it to academics. Please enter recipient e-mail address es.

The objective of both of these examples are similar, however, the process is very different.

This book had genuinely new and helpful ideas that offer a unique approach to memorization, and I would highly recommend it to any students in classes that require large amounts of formula or other types of memorization.

There are many exercises in the book and it is reco Super Memory! The methods hwrry help with your life and save you lots of time!

Overall, I think his main ideas were sound and helpful, but some of the more detailed and specific strategies were lacking in detail.

There are many purposes of Super Memory, but the main purpose is to help students raise their grades in challenging classes that require a lot of memorization. Super Memory, by Harry Lorayne is a short book in the form of a novel which explains many tools and memory devices to help students learn and study various forms of material.


These techniques are called the Peg System, which is a technique that will allow you to memorize whatever you want in and out of order by number. For example, can be TKKJ. Overall, I think that hary was a really good book that I got a lot out of.

Being able to connect the information with a phrase or story creates a deeper understanding involving the topic or subject. For me personally, Super Memory helped me prepare ad plan out ways to study for tests and guided me through useful tools for learning and understanding new material. The first example of this is he uses numbers such as 1 to associate with the letter T.

The other type of memory device is using numbers to think of things that are not numbers, or memorg things that are not numbers to remember numbers. The key to the success of these memory training systems is Original Awareness.

We read this book to try and better in our memory and help us do better on tests and quizzes. Refresh and try again. Overall I think this technique is probably the best one in the book. However, the same few techniques are used throughout.

Super memory–super student : how to raise your grades in 30 days

I never thought I could remember so many things in such little time, which is ultimately what he wants I believe that this book was created to help people in school, learn how to remember things better.

Lists with This Book. The book is simply to help people be able to memorize things easier. The Peg Word system is using words in order to remember numbers. Harry Lorayne gives you many study skills, techniques, and methods. This method would really help you m Super Memory- Super Student is a good book for any student that has had trouble studying and memorizing for tests or quizzes.