The SX or SX AVR senses average voltage on two phases ensuring close .. Refer to diagram in the back of this manual to determine wiring. Fig. 1. SX AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and forms part of the excitation system for REFER TO GENERATOR WIRING DIAGRAM. SX AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE In addition to regulating the generator voltage, the AVR circuitry Provision is made for the connection of a remote voltage.

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Also if you open the alternator cover you will notice that the winding is burnt as it will be black. To reduce the problem and find more data I suggest that you install a closely rated fuse in the field circuit while testing.

It sounds like the capacity or voltage ratings of components in your AVR boards are not good enough. AC drop tests are good for finding these types of short, but a known value is required eg series up two coils and measure the voltage dropped across each.

A fuse as suggested earlier may protect sx460 avr wiring diagram AVR from immediate damage but only covers up the faulty condition.

Current for field regulation is usually taken from a separate stator winding make sure there is no readings to any of the other windings or sx460 avr wiring diagram ground for this winding. Replacing the unit given your remoteness is still going to be a challenge as many formerly reputable brands now outsource components.

CR4 allows you to “subscribe” to a discussion so that you can be notified of new comments to the discussion via email. Sx460 avr wiring diagram also could be related to the droop adjustment. Things can get hard in Western Australia but not quite as bad as your situation.

Set multimeter on DC amp. It must not exceed 4A normally or it may take 7.

Also you don’t tell what kind of load to used. For remote applications the most simple system is best even at the sacrifice of some performance.


Sr7 Avr Wiring Diagram –

I have managed to source a new alternator in Sx460 avr wiring diagram Africa and it will be delivered hopefully by Monday, I have also managed to arrange for my broken one to be rewired in January and I will then keep this as a spare. It may be getting “looped up” if not properly designed, and go into a voltage runaway condition. Also hope your generator body sx460 avr wiring diagram been properly grounded to a good earth pit. I think that Our best option is to order another AVR from the suppliers in South Africa after the 5th of January and if this doesn’t work we will then have to buy a new generator.

Thanks for the info, I will try this in the morning Mally. Check out these comments that don’t yet have enough votes to be “official” good answers and, if you agree with them, rate them!

The stator and rotor winding needs to be checked to make sure they are within specifications whatever this might be, handing further information out on this sx460 avr wiring diagram even if well intended could mislead the operator who has not supplied enough information to do something wrong and or dangerous. I need to know where to put the battrey terminals on the exciter wires, are these the wires which go into X and XX on the Sx460 avr wiring diagram board. Given your initial statement on the board’s repeated failure after two months, I would have to say that heat is the most likely culprit followed by a most likely under-designed circuit for your conditions.

Circuit Diagram Generator Avr

Hello mally X is positive XX is negative how much ohm your excitor field? Did you measure the resistance of the exciter coil disconnected from the AVR board or while it was still connected? Please remember to order a spare avr card as well as things like bearings etc before you pay for the generator. I would sx460 avr wiring diagram a separate volt supply for the card if possible.


There are problems which could arise only when the machine is running but it will be difficult to identify these. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. No more “Almost” Good Answers. Products are sold with names of reputable first world suppliers printed on them, when in actual fact they are sometimes Grey products and one has a big problem sx460 avr wiring diagram to get spares for them.

Heat is the enemy to components and has done xs460 a lot of circuits. This may not significantly change the Sx460 avr wiring diagram resistance but will increase the current load significantly upon startup. Check reading on ammeter. Can you take a photo of the AVR showing the connections clearly and sx460 avr wiring diagram it. Is there any visual indication of what is failing on the board when it ‘blows’? Andy Germany Guru Join Date: You should have a general wiring diagram ,if you can photo same somebody can identify input and output connections and give you some pointers on what to check out.

Wiring Diagram Sx Avr Pdf Of Newage Stamford Incredible Generator | Wiring Daigram

In desperation I have disconnected the AVR board completely and tried to excite the generator on it’s own still only get the 20 volt and 10 volt readings on the gererator terminals, the voltage diagrma were done between each terminal and earth. I have tried by putting the battrey on for only 5 seconds to try and excite the generator then for 10 seconds and after this I left the battrey connected, sx460 avr wiring diagram get the 20 volt and 10 sx460 avr wiring diagram readings.

If the board survives start up, it regulates fine. Ask a Question Start a Discussion. Cummins, Stamford and Newage are all part of the same company.