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Ethiopian and Sudanese military started joint border patrol. He was raised by his step mother and life for him was unbearable so he joined the Derge army.

Yederasiw Mastawesha – Tesfaye Gebreab – Google Books

Manufacturing investment boom in Mekelle signaling environmental concerns. Otherwise when Tesafaye joined the Derg army he did not even complete secondary school.

Ethiopia leads Africa in economic growth and fast expansion says The World Bank. World Demand for Ethiopian honey is growing but production is way behind. Tesfaye like he said, he was born in Debreziet from Eritrean parentage. I listened to the interview of Tesfaye Gerbera with the voice of America with Great astonishment and contempt. Tesfaye did not enjoy his position for long, when the dust boo, he was replaced by Tsehaye Debaleqew a very competent man for the bookk.

Due to the economic status of his family and the split up of his parents he has led a tough life. Recently Tesfaye, came into the scene and this time he reinvented his identity and not only did he appeared as an advocate of the Oromo people but he claimed the Tesfae as well.

Tesfaye Gebreab and his lies, once an errand boy always an errand boy

Ethiopia completes feasibility study to export power to Egypt. I am sure others who know him better than me can expose his lies better. Tesfaye presents himself as EPRDF fighter, who fought for the liberation of the Ethiopian people, later he claimed his birth identity and gebeeab the central figure in the PFDJ propaganda machine and married to the daughter of a prominent Eritrean high ranking military official in Asmara, refer to the interview of Senay Gebremedhin-Eritrean journalist in Exile.


To be a history writer someone needs at least the basic concept of research methodology. By the way who is Tesfaye Gebreab? He claims to be inspired by great writers like Chekhov.

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In fact, he has never read any foreign literature. Tesfaye does not need book substantiate his arguments with research instead he will tell you so and so told me. He has confirmed this himself in an interview he had with Abebe Gelaw.

Pitching for Asylum in America? Tesafye is shameless, because of this if he comes across a certain piece of historical tale he does not hesitate to expand and convert it into a historical phenomenon.

This position was given to him not because of his knowledge of the media or his talent but it was the case of among the blind one eyed man tesfayw king. Woldia-Hara Gebeya Mekele railway project is on truck. Mekurya use to translate extracts from some of the Great Russian literatures to Amharic for the newspaper.

All I can say is this guy need gevreab be stopped. In a book called Terarochen yanketekete tewled [or roughly translated the Generation that trembled the mountains ] a sort of biography of fighters with exceptional talent and heroism this same person has written about Mussie claiming that Asefa Mamo and other veteran fighters told him. I could go on and on but the list is too long and I do not want to bore you. Knowing Eritrean heritage some EPRDF commanders at the time have advised him to join the liberation movement in Eritrea but he told them that he wants to fight for the liberation of Ethiopians and officially stated that he has no faith in the Eritrean book movement.


Tesfaye is highly allergic to the English language and because of this he has missed out on the classic litterateurs of out time which are written in English. He then was assigned as chief editor a newspaper called Efoyta. During that time the key positions in the Ethiopian media was given to the EPRDF fighters in the propaganda wing and Tesfaye was one of the beneficiaries of it and he became head of the Ethiopian press known as press memria.

Is the town of Adwa growing in Leaps and bounds? Gebgeab fact that he was a Tigrigna speaker, however, was a good opportunity for him to join the struggle. According to him he was told that Mussie was shot from the back by his comrades. Ethiopians resume enjoying their internet access after a week of disconnection.

Once again I asked myself who is who this guy?