Michael Havelock’s world died on a moonlit beach on the Costa Brava as he watched his partner and lover, double agent Jenna Karas, efficiently gunned down. Directed by Yimou Zhang. A U.S. intelligence agent lands in the middle of an elaborate blackmail scheme after he spots his lover, a one-time agent who he. Michael Havelock’s world died on a moonlit beach on the Costa Brava as he watched his partner and lover, double agent Jenna Karas, efficiently gunned.

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Jan 13, Rohan Sarkar rated it liked it.

It’s still a page turner, but I had forgotten how complicated it was. Though it easily trumps the Cry of the Halidon, the next book I am reading. Correct format, add description 3 13 Oct 08, The best of the early Ludlum works I don’t include the syndicated, multi-author, post-mortem marketing who-hah books.

I do remember though the romance part–that’s one why I somehow understood, but more in a rational way than emotional. Until, in one frantic moment on a crowded railroad platform in Rome, Havelock saw his Jenna–alive.

Ludlum’s career to his legendary Bourne Identity novel. This article needs additional citations for verification. He made arrangements for her assassination, but after it occurs on a spanish beach called “Costa Brava” he feels bad about it and deciders to retire. Things would probably go something like this- Chinese Premier- Hmm, this document ;arsifal very very strange, I call Moscow and Washington, we see what’s going on.

The Parsifal Mosaic

Not as great as his other books– moxaic OK. Tyler rated it really liked it Jan 17, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books by Robert Ludlum.


Lots of mosaiv with twisty-turny plot. Smith you know the Brad Pitt, Angelina Jollie film the might or might not mosaci contributed to Pitt’s divorce.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ludlum passed away in March, Answer- Parsifal and Ambiguity have brainwashed the secretary of state to do their bidding, and they have gotten him to sign two aggression pacts with Russia and with China, each pact saying that they would team up with one to nuke the other if one of the two signing parties felt it was time to launch. The plot is so simple, and in my opinion a little weak. I am meant to understand that US-Russian relations “cooled down” in and finally hit a brave new world as the USSR collapsed in as a 9 year old sat pissed in front of the tv cause President HW Bush was on every station but that Urkle kid was nowhere to be found.

Paarsifal started with this when I was in high school, as a sophomore I think.

Chinese Premier- I accept too! There is just so many words, and subplots and verbal beatings around the bush.

The Parsifal Mosaic. Part 1 of 2

Yeah, the plot has just the right amount of action and melodrama, but the telling is very talky. From then on, he was marked for death by both U. A non-Ludlum book supposedly inspired by his unused notes, Covert One: Frans Vlieg rated it liked it Sep 21, That’s right I said finest and this definitely qualifies for top three status amongst the authors impressive body of work.

But when we gonna play ping pong? Anton Matthias, Secretary of Stateacknowledged by the entire world as a genius and trusted with powers far beyond those his office allow him, has gone completely insane.

The Parsifal Mosaic Archives –

The whole book was long and complicated, filled with many plots. For much of the novel, Pierce’s true loyalties lie undiscovered. Much of the plot hinges on the person of Anthony Matthias, and yet since Matthias is essentially a plot device and hardly factors into the actual events of the story, the believability of the plot is somewhat sacrificed in my opinion. Oct 04, Josh McClellan rated it really liked it.


Until now, I don’t know the real meaning behind the title–although I have some vague ideas. The Parsifal Mosaic followed the Bourne Identity and is one of his greatest works!

I best player in all the world! There was nothing left for him but to quit the game, Get out. Parsifal is crisply written and arguably the most dense of stories, keeping the reader guessing throughout.

Admittedly there are things I skim when I’m reading something for the 20th moszic more time. I just felt Well i am glad I finally got this book read.

He wont have to improve a great deal because especially Resurrection Day was very nearly as good as Ludlum possibly pwrsifal better than some of his stuff and his novel Six Days was very good too.

It was very likely during the summer vacation, before I turned 13? Russian Premier- I accept this apology by the US president and resign myself to vodka drinking. Really, when you get to the end and you have some idea what the story is about, you seem to think gee I could have made it much more coherent for the reader.

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