Title, The physical principles of magnetism. Wiley series on the science and technology of materials. Author, Allan H. Morrish. Publisher, Wiley, Original . The Physical Principles of Magnetism is a classic “must read” for anyone working in the magnetics, electromagnetics, computing, and communications fields. Title, The Physical Principles of Magnetism. Author, Allan H. Morrish. Edition, reprint. Publisher, R.E. Krieger, Length, pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX .

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The Langevin Formula for Diamagnetic Susceptibility. Review of Quantum Mechanical and Other Results. Morrish is also a fellow of The Institute of Physics U. Domains in Antiferromagnetic Materials. The Magnetization Vector M. Some Quantum Mechanical Results.

Request permission to reuse content from this title. He received a B. Although quantum mechanical theories are given, a phenomenological approach is emphasized.

The Indirect Exchange Interaction. Description The IEEE Press is pleased to reissue this essential book for understanding the basis of modern magnetic materials.

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Quadrupole Effects and Resonance. Magnetic phenomena are discussed both from an experimental and theoretical point of view.

Some Experimental Results for Antiferromagnetic Compounds. Magnetic Induction the Vector B. Contents The Magnetic Field.

More Advanced Theories of Antiferromagnetism. The spontaneous magnetization region. The 3d group ions. Behavior above the Neel temperature. Saturation in Paramagnetic Substances.

The Physical Principles of Magnetism

Resonance in Ferromagnetic Metals and Alloys. Comparison of Susceptibility Theory with Experiment. Table of Pjysical 1. If this is a republication request please include details of the new work in which the Wiley content will appear.

The paramagnetic-antiferromagnetic transition in the presence of an applied magnetic field. Relaxation via spin waves in conductors. The Susceptibility in the physical principles of magnetism morrish Alternating Magnetic Field. More than half the book is devoted to a discussion of strongly coupled dipole systems, where the molecular field theory is emphasized.

Wiley-IEEE Press

Introduction to Magnetic Materials, 2nd Edition. Dipole in a Uniform Field. Morrish Snippet view – The IEEE Press is pleased to reissue this essential book for understanding the basis of modern magnetic materials.


Summary of Thermodynamic Relationships. Thermal Effects Associated with the Hysteresis Loop. Donors and acceptors in semiconductors. During toDr. Electron Spin Resonance in Metals. Ferromagnetic Metals and Alloys.

Please read our Privacy Policy. He has written over papers and has served on many national and international committees. Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Susceptibilities. From inside the book. Magnetic Effects of Currents. Print this page Share.