Ultimate Sales Machine has ratings and reviews. Nicholas said: One of the best business books I’ve ever read. One of those books that captures. 15 Mar The Ultimate Sales Machine draws from Chet Holmes’ expertise shaping sales and helping firms grow. In this summary, we’ll highlight the key. Chet Holmes helps his clients blow away both the competition and their own expectations. And his advice starts with one simple concept: focus! Instead.

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Have you heard about this programme?

Book Summary: The Ultimate Sales Machine – Capital & Growth

You can’t control your spouse, your kids, the weather, your coworkers, or the economy. Let your top talent try out the most promising solutions first. My circling quotes is not capturing what really matters. Until then, 2 stars in more than enough. Do you want to decrease your costs by a holms outsourced solution? Education marketing focuses on building rapport with clients for long-term relationships, rather than just trying to sell a product.

Set a calendar of monthly gifts and fortnightly newsletter updates.

According to The Ultimate Sales Machinesuccessful selling is NOT about doing 4, things well – it’s about flawlessly doing 12 specific things 4, times with “pigheaded discipline and determination. An excellent step by step guide to help grow any business. Success in either one basically requires a very similar set of skills. You will only need to read these 12 chapters to become a, ahem, “master” read: Feb 15, Claire rated it it was amazing. Holmes defines superstar employees as employees who shine even in bad situations with no training, poor tools, and bad resources.

Include external training e. Some useful ideas for those of us who aren’t in sales. About The Ultimate Sales Machine Chet Holmes helps his clients blow away both the competition and their own expectations. Prioritize Prioritize your six tasks so the most important one gets done first. Then, pick out six items to add hol,es your list each day.

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Like a tennis player who hits nothing but backhands for a few hours a week to perfect his game, you can systematically improve each key area.

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

Holmes notes that education-based marketing is a proven strategy to reach buyers: Deliver the one to two minutes core story stadium pitch. Leader or top talent personally performs procedure or task Test new ideas with your top performers Set a deadline for testing the Conceptual Procedure Set a weekly meeting to check progress Document step-by-step procedure or process Even if your company or department is small, put procedures in place as if you were going to hire 50 new people holmrs take them through it this forces you to detail every step.

You can profoundly improve your company if you absolutely commit one hour a week in which you do nothing else than work on making the business much more effective. Close the sale This is the type of book that you will need to keep referencing so I recommend you get a version that works for you to reference easily.

It is a noncommittal way of responding. The Ultimate Sales Machine. For those in the United States who don’t swles to be called by salespeople, register at the following to make it illegal for all but researchers and charities to call you: Have you heard of it? Time Management Secrets of Billionaires Holmes starts by highlighting time management strategies.

The advertising should be response-generating, attention-grabbing, distinctive, value-focused, and have a call to action. Second follow up email or card – tell them the next step 6. Send something personal – send an article related to a personal connection you made e. You’ll see more prospects by offering education than by trying to sell your product.


An average ad might state: You can have a partner company offer your product as an add-on at its point of sale. Use government statistics as the source. I can’t remember anything important from it. Help them find new personnel, alert them to important trends in their market. So a fax should go off immediately that says: Like a tennis player who hits nothing but backhands for a few hours a week to perfect his game, you can systematically improve each key area.

Template on page Organise a bonding event e.

The Ultimate Sales Machine

If you are looking to expand your business with advice from the sales guru who had Charlie Munger questioning his legality due to his impressive sales records, then this is the book for you! We have a new program to teach business owners like you holjes to be more successful. He worked for Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s billionaire business partner.

The essence of the book isn’t in the quotes. So, we’ve underwritten a program to show you the 5 most common reasons that businesses fail. Get involved with and serve that community. Instead, says Holmes, focus on twelve critical areas of improvement—one at a time—and practice them over and over with pigheaded discipline.

Reverse the risk to neutralize objections by offering money-back guarantee.

Each slide should contain only three to four bullet points. It could be condensed and is not the easiest read, but the information inside is invaluable and I believe is the only book an organization needs if they want to massively improve their sales.