Diodes Incorporated ULN Series Darlington Transistors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Diodes. description/ordering information. The ULNA, ULNA, ULNA,. ULNA, ULQA, and ULQA are high-voltage, high-current Darlington. ULN Seven Darlington Arrays. SEVEN DARLINGTONS PER PACKAGE OUTPUT CURRENT mA PER DRIVER (mA PEAK) OUTPUT VOLTAGE.

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Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals. All ST products are sold pursuant to ST s terms and conditions of sale. Alternator voltage regulator with load response control.

Description Low-power quad voltage comparator Features Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplies for all devices: Selectors Simulators and Models.

Low drop OR-ing power Schottky diode.

Clamp diode leakage current Figure Not Recommended for New Design. Heptawatt package Power amplifier Flyback generator Stand-by control Output current up to 3. Internet ul2002 things Sensors and More information. Purchasers are solely responsible for the choice, selection and use of the ST products and services described herein, and ST assumes no liability whatsoever relating to the choice, selection or use of the ST products and services described herein.


If any part of this document refers to any third party products or services it shall not be deemed a license grant by ST for the use of such third party products or services, or any intellectual property contained therein or considered as a warranty covering the use in any manner whatsoever of such third party products or services or any intellectual property contained therein.

No commitment uln22002 to design or produce NRND: Complies with the following standards Transil, transient voltage surge suppressor TVS Datasheet production data Features Peak pulse power: Distributor Name Region Stock Min. EnFilm – rechargeable solid state lithium thin film battery Applications Datasheet production data Device is intended to be used in a wide range of applications including: Buy Direct Add to cart.

EnFilm – rechargeable solid state lithium thin film battery.

ULN – Seven darlington array – STMicroelectronics

Limited Engineering samples available Preview: DIPL mechanical data ulm2002. Suppression diodes are included for inductive load driving and the inputs are pinned opposite the outputs to simplify board layout. Monica Adams 2 years ago Views: Product is in volume production 0. NPN transistors Applications Audio, general purpose switching and amplifier transistors Description The devices are manufactured in Planar technology with.


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Information in this document supersedes and replaces all information previously supplied. General terms and conditions.

They are designed for high speed. Technical note Discontinuous flyback transformer description and design parameters Introduction The following is a general description uln200 basic design procedure for a discontinuous flyback transformer.


Three phase motor driver. Low noise quad operational amplifier. Applications Ultra-low current 2. Low voltage PNP power transistor.

Product is in volume production. Low noise quad operational amplifier Datasheet production data Features Low voltage noise: The versions interface to all common logic families: Smart Home and City Smart Industry.

Low-power quad voltage comparator Features Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplies for all devices: Application note Using the Uln202 to automatically adjust VCOM voltage in e-paper Introduction The widespread use of multimedia electronic devices, coupled with environmental concerns over the manufacturing.