Vaikhanasa Agama. SWAMI HARSHANANDA. Introduction. Agamas are secondary scriptures of. Hinduism, more closely connected with rituals and temple. Worship in a Vaikhanasa shrine presupposes the adoption of the Vaikhanasa-. Kalpasutra supplemented by the Agama texts (known collectively as Daivika-. Tantra – Agama – Part four – Vaikhanasa continued12 Oct Continued from Part Three Vaikhanasa Literature- continued Vaikhanasa-kalpa –sutra.

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Vaikhanasa agama titles of the eight Samhitas are said to be: Sakalaon the other hand, is when the Godhead is visualized as an icon, a human form with distinct features, seated in a solar orb arka-mandala or in sacred- water pot jala-kumbha or as worship vaikhanasa agama icon archa-bera. The text prescribes that the icon of Vishnu must be duly installed at home tasmad grihe param Vishnum vaikhanasa agama and should be worshipped daily — morning and evening- saayam —prathya after performing the customary homa s.

The distinction is emphasised between Vishnu in his Niskala presence, the unfigured primeval and indivisible form unperceived even by Brahma, and his Sakala presence, the figured, divisible, emanated, and movable form. Vaikhanasa — dharma — sutra. Some say, Vaikhanasa is the older tradition that is rooted in the orthodoxy of the Vedic knowledge.

The Vaikhanasa- srauta-sutra deals with all types of ritual-actions which need to be vaikhanasa agama out daily nitya and occasionally naimittikain addition to several types of yajnas yaga-yajna.


There are several explanations to the term Vaikhanasa. The Vaikhanasas as a vaikhanaxa of religious practitioners are of great antiquity. Atri, Bhrgu, Kashyapa, and Marichi composed a vaikhaasa of texts, based on the philosophy expounded by Sage Vaikhanasa, detailing various aspects of worship, conduct in personal life and several other disciplines.


This dual spiritual heritage, blended vaikhanasa agama, underline the twofold character of Vaikhanasa worship -tradition archana- sampradaya. They give great detail about the process of image-worship and temple rituals, as well as certain aspects vaikhanasa agama temple architecture.

It identifies the Varaha the boar that blesses varado with the upward breath udana vaikhanasa agama Sage Kapila the personification of penance tapasam ch murthim with the spreading breath vyana ; and the horse-headed Hayashirsha with the downward breath apana.

Its passages are quoted in other Vaikhanasa agama texts.

Vaikhanasa shastra | sreenivasarao’s blogs

This page was last edited on 27 Julyat Satyakanda; Tarkakanda ; and, Jnanakanda. The “Vaikhanasa Agamas” are of particular importance to the Vaikhanasa agama, Vvaikhanasa worshippers who devote to Vishnu as their primary god. A Guided Meditation on the Universal Self. Vaikhanasa agama from ” https: They are described as peaceful, benign soumyaself possessed, bhavitathmanamvaikhanasa agama evolved utcchyante and satttvic in their food- habits Mbh.

The later texts vaikhanassa Puranas elaborated on the scheme and devised sub-classifications under each stage ashrama.

This and the rituals of Vishnu-Bali are important for their identity. After purification and meditation to identify with Vishnu, the devotee surrenders to Vishnu vaikhanasa agama places the movable image on a bathing pedestal and elaborately bathes it. Bhrgu, Kashyapa, Atri and Marichi. These were the sacrifices rendered to gods deva ; the ancestors pitr ; animals, birds and elements bhuta ; fellow vaikhanasa agama manushya ; and, Veda- study Brahma.


The Yajnas and icon worship were regarded as complimentary; and the icon worship was not viewed as distinct from or vaikhanasa agama to Vedic rituals.

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vaikhanasa agama Vanaprastha is not distracted by motives of personal gain artha or desire for pleasures Kama. But, vaikhanasa agama is not available at present. HereVaikhanasa hermits are said to be dear to Indra. Vaikhanasa — grihya —sutra: The disciples who received the knowledge from their Master expanded upon his philosophy and teachings. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The vaikhaanasa samskara s are meant to define and lend specific identity to a Vaikhanasa. But, in its living vaikhanasa agama it is mostly about temple-rituals. Works of the four sages: There is a vaikhanasa agama difference between the environment of Kalpa-sutra period and that of the Agama shastra.

The well made icon of Vishnu pleases the eyes; delights the heart; engages the mind; fills the worshipper with loving devotion; and, blesses with a vaikhanasa agama sense of joy and fulfillment.

The Vaikhanasa tradition represents the passing stage of transformation vaikhanasa agama pure Vedic Yajna-Yagas to their combination with icon-worship.